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Cross the Ages

Cross the Ages

Cross The Ages
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Cross The Ages is a Play-to-Earn, card battle game that utilizes the Ethereum Network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, CTA. CTA (Cross The Ages)  is a strategic card game with tradable NFT cards in which players try to outwit their opponents using different battle and field cards, and monetize their rewards.


Gameplay takes place in the arena known as Appologium, where players face off against each other in intense one-on-one turn-based battles. The main objective is to come up with the best plan for capturing and keeping control of the most area possible inside the battle arena. Each player has 20 NFT digital cards to start at the beginning of the game and out of these, ten are randomly selected to form the player’s deck during the battle.

These duels are reminiscent of the blitz format of chess in which each player has only 5 minutes in total to play their cards, which brings the total match time to 10 minutes maximum. This motivates players to play faster and smarter in their battle against each other and against time. 

Players can earn rewards and CTA tokens through chest rewards, daily quests, special events like esports competitions, or token holding, and can amass cards from a collection of more than 350 characters. These cards can be merged and upgraded to create powerful and unique combo cards paving the way for new playstyles. 

Players can freely trade their assets on the Immutable X NFT exchange by buying, selling, or borrowing and lending cards to other players. By finishing the entire CTA collection, they will also be able to convert their NFT: Non-Fungible Cards from being digital to physical. After being printed into physical cards, these NFTs will be digitally frozen and can be sold in real card markets in physical life.

Token Information

CTA Token is the main utility and on-chain token of the game. CTA tokens can be held, expanded, or staked to trade, lend and merge digital cards as well as buy booster packs. Tokens can also be used to buy land in the metaverse, minting NFTs, and can be held as governance tokens. CTA tokens also allow players to have in-game advantages such as saving time to progress through the game, access to off-series valuable NFTs, special access to Guild competitions and esports tournaments, and access to exclusive content. Lastly, CTA tokens will be used to transform NFT cards into NFCs (Non-fungible physical cards)


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