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Crusaders of Crypto
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Developer Crusaders of Crypto


Crusaders of Crypto is a free-to-play classic-style 2D roguelike game on the Binance Smart Chain network, and it utilizes the CRUSADER token. Players are able to repeatedly enter randomly generated dungeons, battle monsters, and fight difficult and scripted bosses, all named after crypto-related events. Holders of the CRUSADER tokens will be able to earn BNB and NFTs. 


In Crusaders of Crypto, players will be able to participate in various modes like delving, events, tower, and PVPD. In delving, the players will enter a dungeon and work their way up to the boss. Events are similar to delving, but players' high scores will be taken into account to determine the players who will get the most rewards in the event mode. The tower is the endless dungeon mode with multiple floors, and with each floor, the difficulty of the monsters increases as well. Lastly, in PVPD, players will be able to create and configure their own roguelike dungeon. Then this dungeon gets hosted for the community to defeat and win rewards.

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Crusaders of Crypto

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