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Crypto Colosseum

Crypto Colosseum

Crypto Colosseum Team
Simulation, Strategy
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Crypto Colosseum is a play-to-earn, arena simulator blockchain game that utilizes the Polygon network. Players can bet on gladiators who fight for their factions, ETH, Polygon, BTC, Doge, in the arena twice a day. The price movement in the market of these factions influences the matchups greatly. 


Players can place bets on more than 35 different gladiators in the tournaments. If the player-selected gladiator wins the tournament, players will get a share of the prize pool. Players also can help their selected gladiators to win by buying items and boosting their capabilities. A gladiator can use a maximum of three items in a match. 

Each tournament match is a competition between two gladiators who fight in rounds. Each round has an attacker and a defender side. The opening attack of the match is totally random, but if the attacker’s attack lands and does damage on the opponent gladiator, the attacker gets the initiative and has a 66% chance of attacking again. A failed attack attempt, however, gives the defender the upper hand and increases his or her attacking chance up to 66%.

Token Information

The Crypto Colosseum has its own native in-game currency, Prestige (PTG), it can be used to bet on tournaments and buy different in-game items such as gladiator contracts, gladiator booster items, etc. Aside from that, everything in the game is a token or an NFT: gladiators and items are NFTs, and factions (ETH, Polygon, BTC, Doge) are tokens that can be owned by players.


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