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Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders
RPG, Adventure


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Crypto Raiders is a play-to-earn, blockchain dungeon crawler game that utilizes the Polygon network with its cryptocurrencies AURUM, and RAIDER. Crypto Raiders combines the RNG-based RPG genre with new economic elements for players to experience. 


In the game, players can raid dungeons, conquer their enemies, earn precious loot and be victorious, but there is a twist; the characters’ deaths are permanent. If an NFT character dies on the battlefield, it can’t be upgraded anymore. To prevent permanent death, players must measure the risk-reward ratio and strategize accordingly. Each move could be the last, so players must take some time to optimize their strategies before each adventure. 

In Crypto Raiders, players can explore limited-time dungeons or stable dungeons. The limited-time dungeons can only be raided a few times before it closes meanwhile, stable dungeons are always there to be raided. Whether a player picks a limited-time dungeon or stable dungeon, the player must wait for a certain amount of time for the raid to be completed because exploring is a real-time simulation in the game.

To crawl into the dungeons, players must own an NFT character. In total, there were 7500 NFT characters available during the initial sale, and each of these characters have been generated from nine base characters; John, Mike, Tammy, Old Man, Elves, Orcs, Dark Elves, Cyborgs, and Skeletons. Players have total ownership of their dungeon-hardened NFT characters, which means every NFT character can be traded, purchased, or sold by players on marketplaces. After owning an NFT character, players can start to earn AURUM while playing, an in-game utility token since the game is play-to-earn.

Token Information

Crypto Raiders has two cryptocurrencies, AURUM and RAIDER. AURUM is mainly created to support in-game activities. It can be used to enter dungeons, recruit NFT characters, craft and enchant items, and PvP duels. Players can earn AURUM tokens by staking or completing quests and dungeons. The more difficult quests or dungeons will help players to earn more AURUM tokens. RAIDER is the governance token of Crypto Raiders. Players can stake on RAIDER to be rewarded with AURUM tokens on a daily basis and can use these rewards to improve their game experience.


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