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Crypto Royale

Crypto Royale

Crypto Royale


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Crypto Royale is a free-to-play play-to-earn browser-based battle royale game on the Harmony Network where players control floating moons that can bump into each other. The main currency is ROY, which is awarded to the winner at the end of each round. Players can choose from various game modes that feature the same gameplay where the only difference is what is at stake.


In Crypto Royale, the moons that the players control have decreasing hit points and sizes. There is also a planet that decreases in size gradually in the background, players need to stay inside the circle not to lose hit points. Players can bump others to gain an advantage against each other. However, the color of a moon dictates whether you win a bump or not.

There are three colors that have an advantage over one another. Cyan wins against pink, pink wins against yellow, and yellow wins against cyan. The color of a moon can be changed and gained from collecting boxes that are scattered around the arena. Boxes also give health to the moon and help players stay in the game for a little longer. A moon can also boost to avoid any attacks or bump harder, boosting decreases twenty-five percent hit points from a moon.

Players can play training mode with reduced rewards to practice against bots and ranked mode to fight for prizes and achievements. These two modes are free to enter. The staked mode has a buy-in fee where you can choose from two options; low stakes (1 ROY) and high stakes (5 ROY).

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At the end of each round, a spin wheel is spawned and gives prizes based on chance to the winning player. The last player alive wins the round. If a player has collected seven boxes, a spin wheel of their own will be spun. ROY is awarded to every player who wins a round. The amount is determined by the spin wheel. Shiny boxes also give a small amount of ROY.

There are also moon skins which are NFTs that are bought with ROY and can be equipped. They can act as a clan indicator in various tournaments.


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