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Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns

Laguna Games


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Crypto Unicorns is a decentralized play-to-earn digital pet collecting and farming game built on the Polygon blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, RBW and UNIM. The game features cute, unique unicorn NFTs which players can use in a farming simulation and other mini-games in order to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


The game features cute, unique unicorn NFTs, which players can use in a farming simulation and in various battle loops such as jousting, racing, and team RPG. In the game, players can buy and upgrade Land NFTs, which are the engine of the community-owned economy and where unicorns are bred, hatched, and evolved. The gameplay mainly focuses on finding the highest return on investment activities for unicorns, and players need to come up with strategies to optimize the potential rewards.

In Crypto Unicorns, players will have the ability to buy, breed, and evolve unique unicorn NFTs. These NFTs will have different traits and abilities that can be used in battles, races, and other gameplay modes. As players progress through the game, they will be able to upgrade their Unicorn NFTs to increase their power and abilities. In Crypto Unicorns, players can collect and farm adorable unicorn NFTs, which can be used in various battle loops and farming simulations. The game features a play-to-earn ecosystem, where players can earn rewards by participating in different activities. 

The main focus of the gameplay is farming, which centers around land NFTs. Players can buy and upgrade Land NFTs over time, which serves as the engine of the community-owned economy. Players can plant seeds on the farm plots and return later to harvest berries. Initially, players can farm 10 types of berries, which are used to breed and evolve unicorns and as ingredients in crafting. The number of berries that are harvested from a grown seed is random, but it can be increased by assigning a unicorn to the farm or by increasing the level of the farm. 

Players can also craft building materials and items like breeding and evolutionary boosters in the workshop. Unicorns are necessary to begin crafting any unlocked recipe. Upgrading a workshop unlocks higher-level crafting recipes. When a unicorn goes on gathering quests, it cannot be used in other gameplay modes. To get higher potential rewards, players need to spend berries to ensure the unicorn does not get hungry.

Other gameplay elements include jousting tournaments, where up to 32 unicorns compete in a series of bracketed matches where there is only one winner. Racing, where players can race their unicorns on different tracks with unique attributes like class, distance, weather, and length. Battle gameplay is a team RPG game with both PvE and PvP modes. 

The unicorn NFTs have different classes, such as moon, crystal, heart, cloud, candy, flower, rainbow, omnom, and star. Each class has its own unique features and abilities, which can be useful in different gameplay modes. For example, moon unicorns are playful and capable explorers, while crystal unicorns have a calm and placid demeanor and great endurance.

Players can acquire Unicorn NFTs by purchasing them on the open market or breeding them using in-game resources. They can also evolve their unicorns by using class berries, RBW, UNIM, and boosters. NFTs in Crypto Unicorns play a crucial role in the game's economy and gameplay, as they provide players with unique and valuable assets that can be used to progress and earn rewards in the game.


In Crypto Unicorns, there are two main types of tokens: the Rainbow Token (RBW) and the Unicorn Milk (UNIM). RBW is a governance token. This token is used for voting on game-related decisions and proposals as well as for purchasing high-value boosters, items, and materials. Additionally, players can use RBW to breed and evolve their unicorns and to pay entry fees for tournaments such as jousting, racing, and battle. It is also rewarded for PvE and PvP activities as well as staking. It can be spent on factors including governance, breeding and evolving unicorns, and purchasing high-value items. UNIM is the utility token that is used as the main currency of the game. The total supply of UNIM is infinite, and it can be used to buy items and resources in the game as well as participate in events and tournaments. Uses for UNIM include rewards from PvE and PvP activities, event and tournament rewards, breeding and evolving unicorns, and crafting high-value items and boosters.


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