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Rogue Nations
Strategy, MMO
Not available


CryptoAssault is a play-to-earn multiplayer real-time strategy war game. Players can collect and purchase units such as tanks and helicopters to expand their army. The game uses its own in-game currency, ASLT. Players can gain experience for levels by performing actions in the game and completing quests.


In CryptoAssault, quests are daily, weekly, and monthly and vary in difficulty. They include tasks such as destroying certain units, deploying and moving units, defending a territory for a time, and gathering resources.

Units can capture territories, mine resources, and battle other units. They start at the edge of a map, and each has a maximum distance that it can travel. They must be refueled for three hours after every move. Units that die in battle won’t be destroyed, they will go back to the players’ inventory to be repaired. Three units of the same type can be merged together to increase the star rating. Units have a certain number of equipment slots, and they can be used anytime. 

Every unit owns the land in a radius around them. Players will be awarded daily based on the land they own. A satellite drops from the sky once a day that contains a reward that players can fight to gather. The world is divided into rings, and rewards increase towards the center of the circle. Resources are used to unlock upgrades and crafting. They can appear randomly on the map, and units must be used to mine them. 

Special events occur periodically, NPCs can invade the land, or a boss can appear. Players can engage in these events to gain valuable drops or even try to gain an advantage over other players because of the chaos. High-value regions can be a subject of disasters. They take place randomly and have negative effects attached to them, such as temporarily being unable to move or attack.

Token Information

CryptoAssault is on the Ethereum network and utilizes ASLT tokens as the main in-game currency. Daily, weekly, and monthly missions reward ASLT tokens and experience. It can be used to buy, sell, trade, and exchange NFT assets in the marketplace.


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