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CryptoMines Reborn

CryptoMines Reborn

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CryptoMines Reborn is a play-to-earn blockchain-based strategy game on the BNB with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, WCRUX and CRUX. The gameplay allows players to explore the Metaverse and search and mine for WCRUX, a utilitarian material that allows them to profit and improve their collections as they earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


CryptoMines Reborn is an NFT game achieved with the effort and attention to detail necessary to provide its users with a long-term NFT play-to-earn game that will allow all players to have a fun and entertaining experience while improving their accounts and collections of hangars, workers, spaceships, and fleets in order to safely traverse the galaxies. The main goal of Reborn is the search for WCRUX as a utilitarian material of the Metaverse, which will allow explorers to profit as they progress in their explorations and discoveries and improve their strategies to obtain profits.

In order to participate in CryptoMines Reborn, players must acquire the NFTs that allow them to be part of the ecosystem and be able to access the entire metaverse of the game. The main NFTs players will need to acquire to start in CryptoMines Reborn are spaceships and workers, which they can fuse into fleets or acquire directly through the Marketplace.

Spaceships are necessary to be able to travel through the different galaxies and collect everything the WCRUX players can get their hands on. These spaceships must be minted through a loot box system where, when opened, they will have different rarities and different percentages of difficulty to obtain these rarities. Depending on the rarity obtained, the spaceships will have different capacities when transporting workers. Each fleet has a maximum of 10 spaceships inside it, which means the maximum number of workers inside a fleet is 50. The rarity of players' spaceships directly affects the rank and success rate their fleet will have when assembled.

Space Workers are necessary to start the exploration journey through the Metaverse; they are the main mining force, and their accumulation of power within a fleet will allow them to obtain greater benefits the higher the rarity and the more workers players get.

Each space worker must be individually minted through a system of boxes and randomization where their rarity and mining power will be assigned, which at the same time will define the strength of their crew. Finding the best workers will send their rewards to new galaxies.

The fleets are NFTs created from the combination of players' workers and ships. They can add NFTs to these fleets or disassemble them entirely, recovering all their workers and ships individually again. However, players will not be able to individually remove workers or ships, so it is recommended to create their fleets with a strategy in mind. Their fleets will have different attributes, among them name, fuel, mining power, fleet rank, fleet level, fleet contract, durability, faction, and fleet skin. Each fleet can individually attend a single expedition every day, after which it will be left exhausted and will only be able to mine again once it has rested; this happens every day at 00:00 UTC. All fleets mine individually without affecting each other. i.e., if players have 5 fleets and a level 5 hangar, they will be able to mine the planet of their choice 5 times (once per fleet).

Missions in CryptoMines Reborn provide players with a daily opportunity to earn additional profits. For example, the first mission available is called Last Man Standing!, which involves hiring a mercenary for 10 minutes to search for adversaries. If no adversaries are found by the end of the timer, the player wins the entire prize. 

By using WCRUX to improve their earnings, players can reduce the damage received during exploration based on the amount of time the funds are locked in the Stake mode. To activate the benefit, players must enter their WCRUX into Stake mode, and the benefit will be delivered based on the mine power of their fleet. 

The game includes a custom internal NFT marketplace where players can improve their fleets and economies by trading, selling, or acquiring spaceships, workers, healthpacks, and fleets. When a player sells their NFTs, a 15% tax cost will be applied to the seller. The marketplace uses WCRUX as its default token, and players can set the price of their NFTs as they see fit. However, exhausted or damaged fleets cannot be listed on the marketplace. Additionally, players can own a part of the profits generated by the game through a land system in the CryptoMines Reborn Metaverse. This system allows players to receive benefits for fuel purchases and for each worker they hire within the game. Players can also resell or lease their land to achieve passive income within the game's long-term ecosystem.

Token Information

The native currency of CryptoMines Reborn is CRUX, which is used by players to purchase in-game tokens such as Wrapped CRUX (WCRUX). WCRUX is used for various in-game activities, such as minting characters and spaceships, buying and selling on the marketplace, and more. One of the ways players can earn CRUX is through fleet staking. Players can stake their CryptoMines Legacy fleets and earn rewards in CRUX over a period of six months. The rewards can be accumulated or withdrawn on a daily basis and will be delivered after the end of the registration phase. WCRUX can be earned from in-game activities, and mining planets to be later converted into CRUX and sold on crypto exchanges for fiat money.

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