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CyBall is a play-to-earn, futuristic football NFT game where players can form teams of NFT CyBlocs on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can face off against other players’ teams online, trade, and exchange CyBlocs. There are two tokens in the game, CyBall token (CYB) and CyBloc Battery Token (CBT).


In CyBall, there are five different classes of CyBlocs. These classes range from bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and legendary. Each CyBloc can have one, two, or three traits affecting gameplay. Traits are divided into common, rare, and super rare. CyBlocs can be mentored, which will increase their chances of gaining a new trait.

CyBlocs have various football skills; tackling, passing, dribbling, crossing, shooting, and physical. They are born with a base rating for each skill, and each skill can be upgraded with skill points that are given for leveling up. Levels range from one to one hundred, and each level takes one hundred experience points to tackle.

Every NFT CyBloc is born and assigned with a random nationality from a group of two hundred countries. Teammates that share a country can gain special boosts in matches if they possess the proper trait.

PvP game modes consist of exhibition, league, and tournament. There is also one PvE mode called training. Exhibitions are casual matches, leagues are where players compete in a leaderboard, and tournaments are events that only feature the best teams.

Token Information

CBT and CYB are utility tokens that are play-to-earn rewards in the game. CBT can be earned while competing in various PvP modes and as revenue from loaning your CyBlocs. Players can spend CBT tokens for mentoring and hiring a coach. On the other hand, CYB acts as a special reward in leagues and tournaments and as a staking reward. It is also a governance token.

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