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Cyber Soccer on Blockchain

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What is Cyball:

CyBall is a turn-based soccer card game that requires the right strategy, optimal team building, and a bit of luck to win and earn in-game currency which then can be converted into real money.

How to Play:

Currently, the game has one playable mode which is a 3v3 exhibition. To play the game you either need to own 3 CyBlock (NFT character) or become a scholar. If you own at least 3 CyBlocks you can decide to play the game yourself or rent out your assets and be a manager.

If you don't have scholars from previous games and don't want to deal with finding one you have the option to go to the Cyball website and rent them out instantly via a free-for-all system. This is how you can get NFTs to play with if you want to try the game without investing anything.

Quick note: this is how I managed to try the game when it came out. Right now it's very hard to assemble a team of 3 blocks via free-for-all (due to almost zero supply) and your best bet is to join a guild that offers scholarships.


To be honest, I have never been a fan of turn-based card games however I'm a former soccer player and like that game a lot. This is why I decided to give this game a shot and it was surprisingly fun.

There are 5 different classes of CyBlocks in the game: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legendary. The difference between them is the higher the class the higher its stat points are and can earn more currency. Each character starts at lvl 1 and can go all the way to lvl 100.

You will gain experience points every game, win or loss but you will only earn the in-game currency (Batteries) if you win. With each level up you gain 1 skill point that can be spent on 6 different attributes: Tackling, Crossing, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, and Physical. It's up to the player how he/she want to build their team, whether it's focusing on 1 skill, 2 skill, or be an all-rounder. In my experience, the former will net more wins.


To balance out the level and class differences across the CyBlocks there have been quite a few updates regarding the matchmaking since the game started. So even if you have higher class Blocks like 3 Gold, doesn't mean you going to have an advantage.

You can get matched with higher level, lower-class opponents like a full bronze team and when you are close to max level you will play with similar class teams.

I leveled up 2 separate teams from zero to max level (got a new team after about 1 month), and each time it took me around 1 mo, playing every day. Each day you can play 20 matches and usually, it takes between 1.5-2 hours to complete.

At first, the game might seem a bit complex as there are traits on top of the attributes and they can make quite a difference between teams. Each block has 1-3 traits and these traits have different rarities as well: from common to rare to super rare.

At the beginning, these features might be overwhelming for the first timers but you will learn them after playing for a week or two and even faster if you decide to do a little research and look up what each trait does.


CyBall is still in an early stage, with a lot more to come. In the future, the players can expect new game modes such as 5v5, regular updates: the next big one is called CyBall Reborn which includes improved gameplay, better artwork and animations, further matchmaking balances and iOS/mac integration.

Furthermore, there will be potions, which is a cosmetic only feature (new skins for your NFTs), stadium sales, and in Q2 the release of the CyBall governance token (CYB).


I think this is one of the best games to play in the P2E space right now, the earning potential is still good and healthy and there are many exciting things to come. I'd recommend this game to anyone who's looking for a new p2e game and want to earn money on the side.

I wrote this review after playing the game for more than 2 months (around 140 hours played).

I hope you found it helpful, give it a try, and thanks for reading!

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