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Cyber Arena

Cyber Arena

In Development
Imperium Games
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Cyber Arena is a play-to-earn fighting NFT game that utilizes the Dogechain blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, CAT. Cyber Arena is driven by a competitive stake-to-earn tournament system and skill-based combat, allowing players to earn from multiple game modes and monetize their rewards.


Cyber Arena is a purely skill-based fighting game with only cosmetic NFTs. Players can pick their fighters and start competing in single-player or multiplayer to earn rewards. Single-player has a unique story mode in which players can earn rewards by fighting and completing various quests against NPCs. Each character is upgradeable and has their own personal goals and vendettas they need to accomplish in order for the player to earn rewards.

The multiplayer is where the player starts to earn higher rewards and gets into a fiercely competitive scene. Each character has different fighting styles and combos they can perform. The overall fighting game mechanics are simple, and combos are built upon classic foundations such as high-low kicks and high-low punches with blocks, taunts, and special finishing moves.

The multiplayer has three game modes; in tournament mode, players use Tournament Tickets they purchased to select from a variety of tournament difficulties and tournament sizes ranging from 8/16/32/64/128 players, with each tournament mode having its unique difficulty and reward structure they can choose whichever suits them best. In League Mode, players progress through League Divisions, climb up the ranking system, reach higher ranks, and claim exclusive NFT, tokens, and trail rewards at the end of each season. Finally, the Versus Mode allows the creation of unique fight proposals that set the rules of the fight such as the number of rounds, character level limit, and token wager value, or accept Fight proposals from another Challenger and start the fight for staked CAT tokens and the winner takes it all.

There is also a social squad mechanic with up to four players that allows the squad to fight in different modes and challenges and earn higher rewards. Cyber Arena also has a marketplace for different boosters and NFT cosmetic items, which can alter players’ appearances or grant them higher rewards per match. Cyber Arena has a CyberArena Modding Program, which allows 3D artists to create their own cosmetic NFTs and character models, which they can sell on the marketplace, monetizing their creativity.

Token Information

CAT is the primary token of the Cyber Arena ecosystem. The token economy includes staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buybacks, and burns. NFT purchases include arenas, skins, avatars, avatar wearables, game items, etc. Staked Play/Leaderboard rankings are only available for gameplay in which players stake game tokens. Rankings are based on players who win the most game tokens on a daily or weekly basis. Staking tokens and LP tokens unlock certain NFTs, such as Rare Arenas. Besides providing passive income, CAT also has DAO governance utility and gives players voting power when staked.


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IDO (GameFi)-$0.003$148,00049,333,33316% at TGE, 120 days cliff then linear over 19 months (4% weekly)
Private---625,000,00010% at TGE, 120 days cliff then linear over 20 months


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