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Card, Adventure


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Cybercat is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, adventure card NFT game that utilizes Binance Smart Chain and OKExChain networks with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, CHE and HEP. In the game, players can collect, breed, raise, fight and trade the creatures known as CyberCats while earning a profit along the way.


In the world of CyberCat, each CyberCat has a class such as Plant, Mech, Dragon, Beast, Aquatic, and Bug. These classes are unique and offer different kinds of abilities to their members. Plant CyberCats have strong vitality and defensive powers. Thanks to their tanky attributes, they can absorb the damage from enemies. Mech Class CyberCats are equipped with high-tech body gear and offensive weapons. With their firepower, they can deliver powerful attacks on their enemies. The Dragon CyberCats are agile and move faster than their enemies due to their unique abilities. Just like Mech CyberCats, Beast CyberCats are damage dealers as well. They can smell the weaknesses of their enemies and apply damage to these weak spots. The creatures of the deep oceans, Aquatic CyberCats, can move extremely fast due to their nature. They stay in water during battles to acquire movement advantage against their opponents. Bug CyberCats have a hard shell that offers a tanky and agile body. They can be placed in the front row to absorb the damage from the enemies. 

The game offers its players a wide range of various body parts to try different combinations. Each CyberCat has body parts like tail, eyes, ears, follow, mouth, and horn regardless of the class. These body parts have different names and abilities that can be used during the battle. Also, they are unique to the classes. For example, Bug Class CyberCat’s body parts can’t be used by another class member CyberCat. According to their classes and body parts, CyberCats can take different actions against their enemies.

CyberCats focuses on three game modes; PvE, PvP, and tasks. In PvE mode, players are expected to assemble a CyberCat team and go for an adventure in the world of CyberCat. Players can earn rewards in PvE mode by completing and passing through different levels. The PvP mode is purely focused on player vs. player engagements. Players form their CyberCat squad to face their enemies in the arena with the chance of earning seasonal rewards. Lastly, players are given seasonal and daily tasks in the game. They can complete these tasks to earn additional rewards throughout their gameplay.

Token Information

The game uses two cryptocurrencies for different purposes. The CHE token is the governance cryptocurrency of the game. Players can use CHE tokens for breeding, staking, and trading NFT assets from the game’s marketplace. Players can earn CHE tokens by winning PvP matches, completing daily and seasonal tasks, and moving to upper levels in PvE.

The HEP token is the in-game token of CyberCat. These tokens can be used for breeding and NFT purchases. Players can earn HEP tokens by battling against other players in the arena, completing daily and seasonal tasks, and going further in the adventure mode by completing different levels.

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