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Action, RPG


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CyberDragon is a play-to-earn, online battler NFT game on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can create characters, fight copies, and loot items. The cyber dragon, the endgame boss, is the ultimate challenge. Defeating the dragon will yield rewards. The dragon will be reborn and become stronger each time it has been defeated.


Every character can level up by consuming gold, the amount required will increase each level. Gold can be gained as dungeon rewards or through daily mining. Leveling up will increase the hero’s combat power and mining speed. After level 5, there is a chance of failure when upgrading which will result in the hero’s NFT disappearing. Every player can participate in two types of dungeons. Small dungeons only require one hero to tackle and mostly have monsters and occasionally bosses. Large dungeons need to be entered with more than two heroes, and it will contain multiple stages where each stage has a boss. Players can retreat after every stage. If players lose, all rewards will be lost.

Heroes get classes randomly when minted, they can be a warrior, a rogue, a mage, a knight, a ranger, a priest, or a druid. Warriors are equipped with one-handed or two-handed weapons, light or heavy shields, and wear medium or heavy armor. They have the highest strength and can protect teammates by taunting or guarding. Rogues have dual-wielding weapons and light or medium armor. They have stealing skills that can award gold and rare items. Mages can only equip staff and robes. They have the highest growth of spirit and intelligence and are very good at dealing area-of-effect damage. They can also create and enchant magic equipment. Knights are equipped with one-handed weapons and medium or heavy armor. They have aura skills that buff the characters. Rangers have crossbows and light or medium armor. They are archers and can give a fatal blow to enemies. Priests are the healers and are equipped with staff and shields. Druids are casters with good survivability and lethality.

Token Information

BNX acts as a governance token and holders will have voting rights. It is used for creating heroes, forging equipment, and participating in dungeons. Every player has to pay BNX to play the game modes,  a portion of each payment will be added to the dragon’s treasure. GOLD is required for upgrading heroes and preparing equipment. It can be obtained from mining and daily quests. CRYSTAL is a token that can be used to reforge equipment before challenging a specific dungeon. 

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