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In Development
Cyber8 Pte Ltd
Sports, Simulation
Not available


Cyberium is a play-to-earn, free-to-play blockchain NFT sports game where players can earn NFTs and ESPN tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game is set around sports simulations such as 8 Ball Pool, and it offers players different game modes such as Single Player Campaign and PVP. 


Cyberium is a metaverse with seven different cities, each containing a different sport. In these realms, inhabitants pursue fame and success in their fields to gain rank and earn ESPN tokens and NFTs. The game currently allows for PVP and Campaign modes and uses realistic 3D graphics with a touch of Cyberpunk aesthetic.

The game is currently available in Vortera, the Realm of Pool in Cyberium, other realms, and their respective sports games are to be added later. In Vortera, players can compete in 8 Ball Pool billiards, whether in PVP or versus AI. In the 8 Ball Pool simulation, players can use a smart interface to find angles and strategize accordingly. Cyberium sets a different approach in its gameplay by eliminating the randomness aspect with 8 Ball Pool, which uses a physics engine that needs skill and practice to be utilized in order to win, instead of leaving the outcome to RNG in its gameplay.

In Vortera’s 8 Ball Pool the players can participate in pool battles and earn by winning, staking ESPN, and acquiring NFTs such as Skins, Cues, or Avatars for in-game uses or trades among peers in accordance with P2E experience. 

In order to start earning in Cyberium, the player will need to acquire NFT items via INOs or by investing in them, then use them to win pool matches. The rarity of the NFT being used determines earnings: The player can play more matches in a row before their NFT disintegrates or needs to be improved or evolved, which is inversely proportional to the rarity of the NFT. These two, taken together, guarantee a greater payout for each victory. After winning a match, the players open a GACHA box which rewards the player with an in-game BREAK token, NFT rewards, and items depending on the box’s rarity. Players can also engage in crafting NFTs with said item rewards and create their own NFTs. They can then use these powerful items in-game or can buy /sell/auction their desired NFTs (Skin, Cue, Gacha Box, Crafting Items, Custom Materials).

All sports games in Cyberium are multiplayer, physics-based games. Players will be able to find opponents in the real-time matchmaking system. All pool players will start equally with 250 points ELO (non-rank). If they win, they get more points and move to a higher rank (with higher rewards per match). If they lose, they get deducted points. Players can earn more depending on their success in the tournament events and ELO rankings.

Token Information

ESPN (ESPORTS NATION) is a BEP-20 utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain that serves as the basis for transactions within Cyberium and has uses such as staking in which ESPN holders can stake their tokens for passive incomes or valuable items in Cyberium. Governance in which ESPN allows holders to participate in Governance decisions. Lastly, ESPN can be used in payment in order to acquire assets, equipment, avatars, lands, or upgrade their collections. In Cyberium, Champions can earn ESPN by participating in P2E activities: Sports Tournaments, Championships, and Campaign Mode. BREAK is the in-game currency for Pool Game. Champions can earn BREAK through P2E activities and rewards for winning games and completing quests. 

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