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Deadrop is a shooter action blockchain game developed by Midnight Society, previously known as "Project Moon." It is a Vertical Extraction Shooter (VES) that merges arena shooter level design with the scale and expanse of a Battle Royale, along with the tactical gameplay of an extraction shooter. Deadrop is set in a dystopian future, where massive self-governed city-states called Refiner States extract toxins from the stratosphere and export a concentrated form, known as Space Dust. This substance is highly addictive to the surrounding urban population, leading to a constant struggle between competing factions for resources and gear.


Deadrop offers a unique twist on the battle royale genre by introducing the Vertical Extraction Shooter concept. Players compete in high-rise structures, aiming to secure the best drops or successfully extract with their gear intact. The game's setting, Refiner States, are enormous towers filled with hazards and rival factions. Players must navigate these vertical environments, engaging in intense firefights and strategic maneuvers to survive and thrive.

The gameplay combines the fast-paced, high-stakes action of arena shooters with the large-scale player count typical of battle royale games. However, the twist lies in the extraction-based mechanics, reminiscent of games like Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown. Players retain any loot they acquire during a successful extraction but lose all their equipment if they die. This risk-reward system adds a layer of tactical depth to the gameplay, requiring players to balance aggression with caution.

Each player in Deadrop takes on the role of a Variant, a unique persona with a distinct VisorCortex that determines their rarity and attributes. Variants come equipped with exclusive armor, call signs, weapons, and backgrounds, enhancing the individuality and customization options available to players. The Founder's Pass provides early access to game builds, weapon tests, voting rights on game features, and exclusive studio event access, allowing players to influence the game's development and gain unique rewards.

Deadrop is currently available on PC, with plans to expand support to Xbox and Playstation in the future. The game's development has been marked by a high level of transparency, with Midnight Society involving the community in the decision-making process and providing regular updates on the game's progress. The recent teaser for the new game mode, Midnight Ride, which combines car racing with shooter mechanics, showcases the innovative direction Deadrop is taking within the gaming landscape.

Token Information

The game's economy revolves around the use of VisorCortex NFTs, which represent the unique personas of the Variants. These NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on open marketplaces like OpenSea. Players can also acquire Driver Keys, which provide direct access to download the game along with in-game items that will be tradeable in the future.

The Founder's Pass, a coveted item among the Deadrop community, grants early access to game builds and exclusive content. This pass can also be traded on the marketplace, offering players the chance to own a piece of the game's development history. Additionally, the game is set to introduce a quests and contracts system, which will further integrate blockchain elements into the gameplay, providing players with more opportunities to earn and trade valuable assets.

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