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Strategy, RPG, Card


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Déesse is a blockchain-based play-to-earn idle role-playing game where players can earn LOVE tokens by owning NFT cards that represent different characters. Players can form a team of characters and battle in both PvE and PvP game modes. The game is available on web browsers and mobile platforms.


Déesse requires players to own at least one NFT character card in order to start playing the game. Cards can be obtained through borrowing, purchasing, completing in-game tasks, and participating in community events.

Each card represents one Goddess character (out of 40), and it will have one of four roles (warrior, wizard, ranger, or support), from one of three mythology camps (Japanese, Greek, or Nordic), with one of five rarity levels (N, R, SR, SSR, to UR).

Using in-game items like wearables, equipment, and gear, players can raise their card's capabilities. Players can also level up these cards by winning battles and moving to higher levels, which lets them use new skills or abilities.

Setting up the battle lineup is the most important part of a player’s strategy. In each battle, players can choose to team up with different cards (up to six) and position them accordingly. The outcome of the battles is determined by the capability and power of the team members and their position (two rows, three cards in each one). Character cards in the front row will take more damage, so players must adjust the position of the cards based on their roles and strengths.

Players can enter combat against the enemies in PvE mode or against other players in PvP mode. Players will win the battle if they defeat all of the enemy characters within the specified number of turns. If all of the player’s character cards are defeated, or if the player is unable to defeat all of the enemy characters within the specified turn, the battle is lost.

Playing PvE through the adventure mode is one of the ways for new players to become acquainted with Déesse’s mechanics since they will be up against relatively easier monsters. However, they must be prepared for a challenge since the levels get harder as they progress.

The third-person PvP battle royale, on the other hand, is set in an arena environment. Players must purchase entry tickets to enter the PvP battle arena and can enter either a large-scale battle and get featured on the leaderboard or play a small-scale quick match. The PvP system has a matchmaking algorithm that selects a well-matched group based on the player's level.

Token Information

LOVE is the game platform token that has a fixed supply of 20 billion and a three-year unlock schedule to ensure that all participating stakeholders' interests are aligned. Players can earn LOVE tokens by mining, selling NFT character cards, and winning battles.

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