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DeFi Land (DFL)

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DeFi Land is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain agriculture simulation game where players can own NFT lands and earn DFL tokens on the Solana network. Players can craft, buy, and trade NFT lands and in-game assets while competing with other players in various mini-games. The game is available to play on browsers.


DeFi Land is completely free-to-play for new players, however, to unlock the play-to-earn features, players need to own a DFL token or an NFT in their wallets. After registering, players need to select one of the three factions: doge, pepe, and monke. There are different weekly and monthly quests for each faction, and the faction with the highest performance is given prizes.

The main NFT assets in the game include fishing rods, hunting guns, cars, working tools for mining and cutting, buildings, and animals. Every core NFT has three levels of rarity; common, ordinary, and rare. Gen0 NFTs have two additional rarities; legendary and unique. Tools can be crafted, and the buildings and animals can be upgraded with DFL tokens.

Mini-games can be participated by each player, and they reward experience points and additional prizes for NFT owners. Experience points are used for ranking players on the leaderboard, where the top players receive token prizes. The mini-games range from fishing, shooting, racing, hidden item games, and the tower builder. Additional idle games include exploding stones in their land, petting animals, and cleaning their land for players who don’t want to participate in mini-games. 

There are several different buildings featured in the game. Houses act as a hub for each player to track their portfolios, the market allows players to swap their assets, the seed laboratory is the place where players can exchange their liquidity for seed tokens, farms are where players plant their seeds that produce yields, the farm board acts as a viewer that shows all available farms, the bank are places where players can lend, borrow, and stake tokens, the voting palace allows players to vote on different protocols, and the robotic farm is the automized versions of regular farms which auto-harvest.

Token Information

DFL token is the governance token that allows voting, and it is the native utility token that can be used to buy, trade, and upgrade in-game NFTs such as tools, animals, and buildings from the marketplace. It can also be staked for further profits.

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IEO ( Nov 2021$0.005 $50,000.00 10,000,00010,000,000,000
IDO (AcceleRaytor)23-24 Nov 2021$0.005 $350,000.00 70,000,000
IDO (Solanium)13-17 Oct 2021
$0.005 $100,000.00 20,000,000

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