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DeFi Warrior

DeFi Warrior

Smart Game Studio


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DeFi Warrior is a play-to-earn, blockchain turn-based strategy NFT game inspired by the universe of cryptocurrencies where each “warrior” is a crypto, and each planet is a blockchain. The game uses FIWA as its primary token.

In DeFi Warrior, the goal is to eliminate all enemies the player faces by using different warrior combinations and attack strategies. Players need to own warriors to participate in game modes, including farming, mining, player vs. player battles, and championships.


The overall gameplay simulates how blockchain works, such as mining or fork. It brings blockchain elements into the game and recreates a miniature blockchain world to help players play the game and better understand how blockchain works. For example, crypto price movement boosts a character’s strength. Warrior attributes are buffed based on the price movement of tokens on the market. Each warrior born will belong to a particular planet. Also, the planets are divided according to the current standards of forming cryptocurrencies. This means, when the warrior is created with random standards, depending on those standards, the warrior will belong to the planet that has the same standards as default. The planet is also where warriors can build their coin mining factory and fight against bosses or enemies for rewards.

Each warrior is an NFT, which can be traded on the marketplace. The warrior can be leveled up to maximize the benefit for warrior owners. In the progress of leveling up the warrior by evolution, players will be able to open more body parts and, therefore, skills. Bodyparts are collectible NFTs associated with a skill or accessory to show the warrior’s power and rarity. In addition to buying body part NFTs on the market, players can also get them from in-game activities or events.‌ Players can also evolve their warriors. The progress of creating a new warrior from the current one is called FORK. Players need FORK cards to be able to evolve their characters. The newly created warrior will inherit many of the characteristics of the parent warrior.

In DeFi Warrior, players can choose to focus on Adventure Mode or the Multiplayer Mode. Multiplayer Mode is a PvP aspect of the game in which players select three to five warriors to fight against each other. The player needs to have at least three warriors to join this mode. Adventure is the PVE aspect of the game, which is made up of different zone and stages. At the final stage of each zone, the player will face a boss with extremely high stats. 

Token Information

Besides the action gameplay, players can use facilities earned while playing the game to form nodes. By mining, these nodes players can earn body parts, energy, and eCWIG token. eCWIG is used for all in-game activities such as rewards or purchasing in-game items. In addition, players can stake their NFT warriors to receive eCWIG tokens. The amount of tokens that they earn depends on the level of the warriors; the higher the level a warrior is, the more tokens the player earns.

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IDO POOLZ5-7 Sep 2021$0.0025 $80,000.00 32,000,00040% unlock at TGE, 30% lock and release after 1 month, 30% lock and release after 2 months.40% unlock at TGE, 30% lock and release after 1 month, 30% lock and release after 2 months.

IDO REDKITE6-7 Sep 2021$0.0025 $100,000.00 40,000,000

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