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Defira is a play-to-earn blockchain metaverse role-playing game where players can own NFT characters and earn FIRA tokens on the Harmony and Cronos networks. The game allows players to own characters that have different abilities, races, and classes that suit different gameplay styles. The game is available on the PC platform.


Defira's central hub is the capital city. NPCs in each area of the city allow players to access different features, such as trading tokens or performing a wishing ritual for a new hero. Each supported blockchain has its own capital city and NPCs, which are supported by DeFi protocols that are unique to that blockchain.

Defira's main playable characters are heroes that the players can control and participate in different game modes. Each hero is distinct, with their own set of abilities that can be improved by leveling up. NFT heroes are summoned through a magical wishing ritual by combining the souls of two other heroes.

Heroes differ greatly in terms of race (human, elf, inu, zaru, and guren), class (warrior, knight, ranger, rogue, mage, and priest), and abilities, with nearly infinite variations, making each hero unique. Due to the wide range of activities and interactions available in the Defiraverse, players will need to collect a number of heroes in order to truly excel at everything.

There are two main gameplay modes in Defira: conquest and expedition. Conquest mode allows players to build and develop settlements while raising armies to fight for territory and resources on a persistent world map. Heroes can be assigned to roles such as governors of prosperous cities or generals of conquering armies. Players can expand their empires and battle over the most valuable pieces of land, resulting in exciting gameplay.

In expedition mode, on the other hand, players can lead a group of their heroes on an adventure to explore and look for treasure and glory. To maximize their effectiveness on an expedition, players must carefully form their party. This mode has both PvE and PvP elements that require the player to plan ahead and put together a strong group of heroes.

Heroes can also perform quests and take on jobs passively in order to farm FIRA tokens. Quests are one-time events that award the player with items and tokens upon completion, while jobs increase heroes’ yield multipliers.

Token Information

The FIRA token serves as Defira's primary governance token and currency. It is represented as the Fira Orb in the game world. It has a finite supply and is used to value in-game items and characters. It also serves as a currency for every marketplace transaction.

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