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DeHero is a play-to-earn blockchain collectible card NFT game where players can own NFT cards and earn HEROES tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Cards are used to farm tokens passively. Players can open card packs to gain cards and trade them on the marketplace. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


DeHero features numbered hero card NFTs that create different combinations that grant bonuses. These bonuses increase the farm power of the player. Hero cards can be acquired in four different ways. Players can get and open card packs by staking their tokens, can purchase card packs from the in-game store, can trade their cards with other users, and can get donated cards from other players. After acquiring hero cards, players need to activate them in order to use them. Each hero card’s power can be activated by placing them in the corresponding card slots. The more cards that the users activate, the higher the total fighting capacity is. Total fighting capacity is the mining efficiency that the player's activated cards have. 

The game's main goal is to collect and develop your collection of NFT hero cards. The value of each hero card is determined by the number of HEROES tokens staked by the total number of players. Each hero card has a certain amount of tokens staked that sets the bottom value. Since DeHero is the first one to activate the card before releasing it, the initial value of a card is determined by them. This value can fluctuate as the players accumulate and stake each card. This creates a meta economy where the chased-after cards become more valuable as the player base increases.

Hero cards can use equipment to increase their power. Weapons can be placed in the card book and equipped in a card slot. The corresponding hero in the same slot will get the power bonus of the weapon. This allows players to seamlessly swap out heroes without changing the weapon. However, each hero has weapons that they specialize in. These specializations are determined by the hero’s occupation. For instance, heroes with an occupation of knight would specialize in swords and firearms. If a player uses a hero and a weapon that matches a hero's specialization, their total fighting capacity increases. The bonuses of equipment vary according to their rarity and quality. Rarities are color-coded, with white being the most common and gold being the rarest.

Token Information

HEROES tokens can be used to buy, sell, and trade NFT hero cards on the marketplace. They can be earned by activating hero cards and mining tokens. They can also be staked for further profits.

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