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MMO, RPG, Action


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Delysium is a play-to-earn blockchain massively multiplayer online role-playing metaverse game where players can earn AGI and DES tokens by playing and owning NFT avatars and weapons. The game allows players to compete against each other with their own customizable characters in an open world. It also has various gameplay modes in which the players can participate. The game is available on PC platforms.


Delysium is an AI-powered open world with different universes that form the game’s metaverse. Each universe is run by a different Delysium Multiverse Operator (DMO), which creates distinct gameplay elements that are unique to that universe. The game features NPCs called AI MetaBeings that have the same rights as the players. They can own assets, participate in different game modes, and earn income just like the players.

Players are free to roam the world before entering any game modes. The game world acts as a hub where the players can interact and socialize with their avatars. There are various game modes that feature PvP battles. Battle Royale is one of them, where players can join a lobby to make up a three-player team. Matches have a total of forty-two players, and each team has to battle in order to survive. Players have to find weapons, ammunition, armor, medicine, and other things to help them win. As time goes on, the game area gets a little smaller, and the last team standing wins tokens and NFTs.

The NFTs in the game come in different forms. Players can buy cosmetic outfits, weapons, collectibles, and battle passes from the marketplace. Most of the NFT assets have different rarities that range from common to rare, epic, legendary, and ultimate. Weapons have various attributes such as damage, magazine capacity, rate of fire, and firearm type. Players can choose a weapon that suits their playstyle and enter a match accordingly.

These game modes can be expanded with the help of DMOs, as they can directly work with the development team. For example, the battle royale experience can change to include matches that cost money to get into, that give out loot based on where you rank on the seasonal leaderboard, or that are just for fun and give out tickets to the arena. This highly customizes the gaming experience of each universe. In order to become DMOs, players need to buy an NFT license.

Token Information

DES token is the native token that allows governance voting for the holders. Players who hold DES tokens can support Delysium by becoming a Delysium Multiverse Accelerator (DMA). These tokens can be staked for further profits and used as payment for event entries.


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