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Deploy StarShip

Deploy StarShip

Deploy StarShip


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Deploy StarShip is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game where players can earn STARSHIP and KYANITE tokens and utilize starship component NFTs. The game offers players the opportunity to engage in real-time strategy and resource management. Players can deploy their ships on missions to planets all over the galaxy, where they can either mine resources or acquire the planet. Owning a planet grants a passive income in the form of a percentage of what other players mine from that planet. Players can earn NFT drops from common to legendary for each ship they send on a mission. The game is available on the PC platform.


In Deploy StarShip, players can move between space stations. Each space station is deployed in the middle of the galaxy, and players can access up to 10,000 planets within the maximum travel distance of the space station. The Space Station is the nexus of the Starship NFT Game. It is the center of each galaxy, and all players must be in a space station to manage their fleet and stack Kyanite Gas. Players can choose to move their ships between space stations.

Each ship requires a set of components (NFTs) to be staked in-game. These components can be of different rarities, with each type of component adding to the value of the fleet as a whole. The higher the rarity of a player's starships and NFTs, the higher the reward they receive in the form of Kyanite mined.

To play StarShip, the player needs to have 11 NFTs per ship: the flight control chair, cooling system, high-power thruster, secondary thrusters, holo-computer, AI system, life support, shield system, Kyanite storage, Kyanite extractor, and engine. The component NFTs are color-coded according to their respective rarities and are available from common to mythic. Each component has a series of characteristics that make it unique and offer different bonuses that affect the game. The different types of bonuses from the NFTs include KYANITE staking value, speed, consumption, mining, storage, attack, and defense.

There are two different types of artwork for the component NFTs. The first was released in the original StarShip pack sales, and the second was released in the Pluto Alliance pack sales. Both have the same value when fitted to a ship, and only the artwork on the NFT is different.

The game's current objective is to mine as much Kyanite as possible. Players can send their ships to planets to mine resources, with the option to acquire the planet if it is not already owned. By owning a planet, the player gets passive income in the form of a percentage of what other players mine from the planet. For each ship that a player sends on a mission, there is a chance for an NFT drop, from common all the way up to legendary.

Token Information

Deploy StarShip uses two tokens: STARSHIP and KYANITE. KYANITE is an ERC-20 token that represents the in-game currency. It is used for various activities and transactions within the game, such as purchasing components, sending ships on missions, and acquiring planets. Players can earn KYANITE by mining resources, completing achievements and challenges, and taking part in special events.

STARSHIP is the governance token that allows voting within the game's ecosystem. It is a limited-supply token, and players can earn STARSHIP by staking KYANITE. Holding STARSHIP grants players voting power to make decisions about the game's development and direction.


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