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Dragon War

Dragon War

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Dragon War is a play-to-earn turn-based strategy game that utilizes the Solana network with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, DRAW and ERA. In Dragon War, players can buy heroes, summon dragons, and build kingdoms to form armies and earn rewards.


In Dragon War, players can buy heroes, summon dragons, and build kingdoms to form armies to earn rewards to battle with NPCs in PVE modes, with other players in PVP modes, or fight for victory on a large scale in massive online battlefields or guild wars. Players will need at least one NFT dragon and one NFT hero to join in-game activities. They can use the dragons to form a team and defeat the enemy in the campaign.

The campaign mode is the PVE function of the game. Users can get various rewards, such as tokens, hero experience, and skills, by defeating enemies in this mode. There are ten or more minimaps in each chapter map. And in each minimap, there are ten stages, including nine normal stages and one boss stage at the end. Every hero has 50 stamina in one day. Players lose stamina after winning or losing, which regenerates itself after a certain amount of time and allows for in-game actions. The gameplay is on the strategic and tactical levels. In the strategy map, players can build up and advance their cities as they conquer the map and get more powerful. The combat is turn-based, where different heroes and dragons can use their skills to beat their opponents. So users have to train up and make the team stronger enough to pass stages one by one. The PVP arena works in a similar fashion with higher rewards, and players can compete against each other either solo or in guilds. Heroes and dragons have different races, and dragons are subdivided into different elements. Heroes can be leveled up; on the other hand, dragons can be bred or fused into new NFTs.

Dragon War also features a PvP mode. PvP arena is a 5v5 round-based game where teams focus on winning quick engagements. At the beginning of each round, players will spend time picking up dragons to form a perfect troop to fight. The objective of the game is to eliminate the enemy team.

The game also includes strategic elements such as building, resource scavenging, and a farming system that add more depth to the gameplay. Players are granted land to build constructions that serve the purpose of collecting resources, tokens, or strengthening their dragons. There are two groups of buildings: the dragon enhancement and ERA farming buildings, and the other group is the resource farming buildings. The Dragon Enhancement and ERA Farming buildings generate ERA tokens and bonus stats for dragons. Resource-farming buildings produce resources such as wood, iron, and gold. Each building in the game has limitations based on the player's level. The collected resources are stored in a warehouse. Once the warehouse is full, players need to upgrade it to expand the space for subsequent materials. All resources collected go directly into the warehouse. Players can organize a farm to upgrade and collect resources daily. Upgrading the production facility allows players to earn collective materials quicker, as they give out more in just a couple of hours. Building and upgrading resources, boosting dragons, and strategizing the battle is the key to farming in Dragon War.

Players can earn tokens by winning a battle, completing daily/weekly missions, top ranking in the seasons, winning in the world boss raid, and guild wars mode. It can also be earned through selling rare enhancement items and heroes on the marketplace.

Token Information

The main token, DRAW, can be used and earned in play to earn events, purchase items, trade NFTs on the marketplace, modify dragons, and manage land. ERA is the secondary token of the game that mainly works as an in-game token; it is mostly used in tandem with the DRAW token; it can also be used to build in-game buildings and acquire in-game items, resources, etc.


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Dragon War IDO (Solanium)20 Mar — 23 Mar 2022$0.012 $142,000.00 11,833,33320% at TGE, cliff 3 months, unlock daily in 4 months1,200,000,000

Dragon War IDO (Red Kite) 23 Mar — 23 Mar 2022$0.012 $100,000.00 8,333,33320% at TGE, cliff 3 months, unlock daily in 4 months1,200,000,000

Private Sale
$0.01 $1,500,000.00 150,000,00010% at TGE, cliff 3 months, unlock daily in 12 months1,200,000,000

$0.005 $300,000.00 60,000,0005% at TGE, cliff 3 months, unlock daily in 15 months1,200,000,000


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