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Dragons Valley

Dragons Valley

Dragons Valley
Action, RPG
Not available


Dragons Valley is a play-to-earn blockchain battle royale action game where players can own NFT dragons and earn DVG and DMD tokens on the WAX network. Players can train their dragons through various battles and go on different missions. The game is available to play on browsers and can be accessed from PC and mobile devices.


In order to start playing Dragons Valley, players need to either buy and hatch an egg or directly purchase dragons on the secondary markets. There are four different types of eggs that are categorized into rarities; common egg (promo), ancient stone egg (promo), xmas egg (seasonal), stone egg (common), silver egg (rare), golden egg (epic), jade egg (legendary), diamond egg (mythical). Each of them has different hatching rates and times, with the rarest being the most valuable. The hatching process requires a basic, a standard, or a pro incubator. The latter two can boost the attributes of the newborn dragon and they have a fee that needs to be paid in both DMD and DVG tokens. Incubators can be leased to other players for further profits.

There are two types of dragons; the normal and shiny variants which have better attributes. Dragons can be a common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical rarity, and they each belong to an element; fire, water, air, earth, light, and dark. These elements dictate which are the main attributes of a dragon such as strength, intelligence, agility, vitality, and endurance. After each battle dragons need to rest. The rest time is determined by the endurance stat.

After getting a dragon, players can train and evolve them by playing the game modes. PvE mode features adventure battles where the player can participate in fights against goblin enemies. The higher the level, the harder the enemies and the better the rewards will be. Each successful battle earns the player character and the dragon experience points that allow them to level up, and in-game tokens that can be used in the marketplace. On the other hand, there is an alchemy mode where players can turn their dragons into alchemists in order to produce DVG tokens.

Token Information

DVG and DMD tokens are the main utility tokens that can be used to unlock dragon, incubator, and alchemy slots. DVG can also be used to restore energy to dragons. DMD is rewarded when a player wins a fight against the goblins and DVG is earned through completing certain activities within the game. Both can be swapped at decentralized exchanges.

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