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Drawshop Kingdom Reverse

Drawshop Kingdom Reverse

Strategy, RPG, Metaverse


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Drawshop Kingdom Reverse is a play-to-earn blockchain role-playing game where players can own NFT avatars and earn JOY tokens on the Klaytn network. Players can set up shops and participate in PvP events in the game. The game is available to play on browsers.


Drawshop Kingdom Reverse features different kinds of NFT assets. Players need to own NFT avatars in order to enter the game and participate in activities. Avatars are used to explore the world and visit other players’ lands. They consist of different units such as head, body, gender, parts, and accessories. Each of these units determines the players’ abilities and attributes, like a reduction in drawing time, an increase in both revenue and movement speed, and many more. These abilities are applied when the players are participating in events such as the PvP arena, festivals, and world land.

Players can birth new avatars if they have both male and female ones. It costs an amount of JOY tokens to breed. The newborn avatar's attributes and abilities will be influenced by its parents. However, these avatars are bound to the player and cannot be transferred to others. Also, they are locked in a JOY contract, so they are unable to roam around the game’s world.

The world map consists of different blocks that the players can occupy. These lands differ in rarities; normal, rare, epic, and unique, which determine the size of the land and the number of avatars that can open a store. Before getting a land NFT, players can start in a local area that acts as a tutorial area for running a store.

There are two main features in a store; dolls and machines. Machines are places to store your dolls and have customers draw from them. Initially, machines have a one-star level. Players can upgrade them up to six stars, which increases their revenue, durability, and usage time. Dolls, on the other hand, have various characteristics that make them desirable for different players. Dolls have buffs that give synergies and effects to their owners, depending on their level. Dolls start at D level and can be evolved up to U++ level. This increases their efficiency and price in the marketplace. Machines and dolls can be minted into NFTs after a certain level and usage.

Token Information

JOY token is the native currency of Drawshop Kingdom Reverse and it acts as a governance token that allows voting on the Klaytn network. It is the main source of economy that the players can use to interact with every aspect of the game. They can also be staked for further profits.


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