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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Dungeonswap (DND)

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DungeonSwap is a decentralized tabletop dungeons and dragons RPG web game on the Binance Smart Chain network. It has two playable modes supported by a single currency economy that utilizes DND tokens. Both game modes present in the game use different models to suit the players’ needs.


The first game mode is called Ancient Dungeon, and it utilizes a play-to-earn(P2E) model where players contest a leaderboard that resets after a certain amount of time. They win DND tokens based on their final score at the end of each period.

To enter the Ancient Dungeon, players will need to purchase a Relic. Relics are tools that have a stamina pool called "energy", which diminishes every time a player participates in a dungeon. Relics are divided into four categories; economic relics are the cheapest ones with a pleasant return of investment rates. Frequency relics are for players who want to compete in more than one run in the same dungeon for an individual round. Cooldown relics are usable again at a faster rate, this makes them a good fit for the players who can participate for a short amount of time. Legendary relics are the ones with the largest stamina pools and fastest recharge rates, and they are the most desired ones.

The core gameplay loop is based on the player’s Power and Level. The equipped weapon, armor, unique items, and the element of the player’s weapon and character all contribute to the fight’s outcome. There are eight elements; thunder, fire, ice, water, wind, earth, light, and dark. There is an Oxygen Meter that indicates that the player needs to perform an action every 12 minutes or they will get lost and abandon the dungeon. Equipment can be obtained through a purchase from the marketplace or as loot at the end of each dungeon. Special attacks which consume mana power(MP) increase the drop rate of an NFT and the win rate of the battle. Players can leave the dungeon by escaping, which allows them to preserve their current score. However, going through with the dungeon yields greater rewards.

The second game mode is Classic Dungeon which uses a risk-to-earn(R2E) model. It is a brawling mode where players fight for a round and based on the outcome of the fight, players will either instantly get rewarded or lose their hard-earned rewards. Since this is a high-risk-high reward game mode, the drops’ quality and rate are much better than the play-to-earn Ancient Dungeon counterpart. It also utilizes DND tokens both for the entry and the special attacks.

There are two different campaigns and a training module in Classic Dungeon. The Training Field acts as a tutorial and consists of basic arenas, which drops lesser quality equipment. The campaign, "The Mad Wizard’s Underground Lair" is the standard mode for people who’d like to take a step further from the training, it is a mission that has better loot in regards to DND tokens and gear. To get the highest reward in the campaign, players will need to take on ten monsters successively. Lastly, The Grand Colosseum campaign is the most challenging dungeon at the moment, it is for players who are looking for the highest rewards and the best equipment while taking on the highest chance. Players are required to defeat five monsters one after another to reach the best prize.

Token Information

Players can exchange DND and purchase chests that contain NFT items from the marketplace. These items can be sold for DND. DND is used as an entry fee for game modes and it can be earned from successful participation in these game modes.

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