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Earth From Another Sun

Earth From Another Sun

Action, Strategy, Metaverse
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Earth From Another Sun is a blockchain-powered, open-world metaverse utilizing Solana Network where players explore, conquer, and battle to earn NFTs. It entails a galactic sandbox featuring an ever-expanding multiplayer galaxy with player-generated content, many unique locations to explore, NPCs to meet, quests, and loot to discover.


Earth From Another Sun is an Open-World Galactic Domination Sandbox where players can build an army, establish their faction, and conquer planets. They can fight alongside the troops they command in First-Person Shooter combat. And can command navies to fight alongside in space. The game takes place in a virtual world in which people go about their busy lives, each with his/her own goals and desires, a world that lives and evolves without any player participation. 

Players may progress through the single-player mode or join up to 60 players for a Galactic Dominion Conquest to test their skills against others. Conquering the galaxy fighting alongside the armies they gathered and commanded in fast-paced first-person shooter combat.

The game features hundreds of unique weapons, weapon mods, abilities, and enemies that provide a new combat experience every session in a rogue-like design. Multiplayer game modes such as FPS arenas or battle royales.

When the player starts off in this universe, they will do so in a tiny spaceship with a crew that lives inside the vessel. This spaceship can use the navigation table to chart a course and the numerous other stations and consoles to deal with the number of things a spaceship crew needs to deal with. 

Players will gradually upgrade to a bigger and more opulent spacecraft as they get stronger and wealthier throughout the game. The interiors of the ship also expand in size and improve in terms of amenities, as their crew will discover.

Anywhere they land, whether on a planet, a space station, a battlefield, or anywhere else, the crew can disembark to investigate the area while bringing any wealth they find back to the ship after a successful raid.

It also offers a co-op experience together with up to 9 other friends or random strangers to take on various layers and battlegrounds throughout the galaxy.

Another feature of EFAS is a tool for creating adventure events. Players will be able to use this tool to create mini-stories that other players can discover while they play. Or perhaps create a chain of stories, linking into a larger epic with their imagination as the limit. Players will also be able to create their bases and even planets in the future.

NPCs with the game's "Ascendance" system will be able to influence each other or be influenced by the player, in turn affecting the overall galaxy whether true wars break out or factions make peace with each other without players' direct input.

Players can also influence these events for example, by killing an infamous pirate plaguing the asteroid belt, the residents around the belt can live a better life. They will see their happiness levels rise, they'll get married more often, there will be more goods for sale in the shops, and perhaps a new nation will form out of the growth in prosperity. They might also implant hatred in the heart of an agent toward another agent. If they are faction leaders, players could be the catalyst for an interplanetary war.

Token Information

The game currently has a vanilla version which is to be released on Steam, and a Web3 version in alpha and does not have a token of its own. It currently gives out SOL as a reward for its initial Alpha stage tournaments, and only the Web3 version will feature NFTs to trade. A play and model are to be implemented later on after the initial release.


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