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Elpis Battle

Elpis Battle

Elpis Battle


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Elpis Battle is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy game that allows players to explore a fantasy world with their NFT heroes and earn EBA and MEG tokens. Players contribute to the in-game economy, and can freely trade rewards. The game features Dungeon Mode, which is an adventure mode where players can accumulate experience and collect rewards by fighting against enemies in seven different worlds. Furthermore, the game includes a weekly Raid Boss event where players can join battles to earn rewards. The game is available on both PC and mobile platforms.


Elpis Battle features several different game modes. Dungeon Mode is a major part of the game, where players can explore and conquer the dungeon to accumulate experience and collect rewards. The Elpis World is shattered into seven different worlds, with each world divided into maps where players can fight against enemies. Winning a map rewards players, and they can progress to the next map or backtrack to previous maps from their current status.

The Raid Boss, on the other hand, is a weekly event that lasts for five days. To join the battle, players need to have a full team of four heroes. Each player will have one free ticket daily to join the event, but they can obtain more tickets through various means. During the Raid Boss event, the boss will be immortal, but players can earn rewards by battling it. Bosses are affected by the environment in which the battle takes place and do not cause any damage to heroes. Each race will have its own native environment, where they will have certain advantages and increased power. 

There are three types of rewards: battle, leaderboard, and lucky draw. After each fighting turn, everyone will earn the same amount as a reward. The top 300 users will receive rewards based on their leaderboard ranking. Lastly, players can also earn rewards through the lucky draw, which will select random players to receive rewards.

Recruitment is a unique feature that allows players to enlist new NFT heroes using their existing ones. To recruit a new hero, players must hold EBA, MEG, and at least two available NFT heroes. Each hero can reproduce a maximum of seven times, and the new hero created by recruitment will take 120 hours to be ready for battle or recruitment. The recruitment process requires a fixed amount of token EBA, and the Token MEG depends on the Recruit Count of Hero. The chance appearances of the new hero depend on its rarity and are as follows: Common: 50%, Rare: 29.8%, Super Rare: 15%, Epic: 5%, Legendary: 0.2%, Heroic: 0%

Token Information

Elpis Battle has two tokens: MEG and EBA. MEG tokens have an infinite supply and are used for various activities and transactions within the game's marketplace. The Marketplace feature allows players to trade, purchase, or exchange their in-game NFT assets. Players can earn MEG tokens by completing achievements and challenges, taking part in activities, and participating in other special events. EBA tokens are the governance tokens that allow voting within the game's ecosystem and have a finite supply.

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