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Ember Sword

Ember Sword

In Development
Bright Star Studios
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Ember Sword is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (NFT MMORPG) with a classless and fast-paced combat system. Players will be able to create a character, pick a home nation, and venture into the world with a weapon of their choice to defeat monsters, bosses, and other players, or explore the world to find goods and rares. Ember Sword is currently in pre-alpha. The developers are internally testing the capabilities of the game engine, as well as various networking features. 


In terms of gameplay, Ember Sword will have various PvP and PvE experiences. Outlaw zones are planned as free-for-all PvP & PvE areas, where players will travel to collect the rarest resources, slay high-level monsters, and fight other players. There will be point-of-Interest PvP areas to conquer and protect in the Outlaw zones, and the players will need to team up with their friends or guild members against other players. Dying in the Outlaw zone will cause the players to lose their gear.

In Wilderness and Kingship zones, players can defeat open world PvE bosses or venture into the world as a lone wolf to defeat other various monsters and beasts with their weapons and abilities. Encountering players from other nations in these territories will be possible, and players may engage in combat with them.

For PvP players, Ember Sword's end-game content will be competitive, skill-based, and high-stakes (if a player dies in Outlaw zones, they lose most of their gear). If a player wins the end-game battles at Outlaw territory camps, they may be rewarded with scarce limited-edition cards. Once a player has acquired all cards in a collection, they can unlock its collectible. These collectibles can be sold in the marketplace for EMBER.

For PvE players, the world of Ember Sword will be filled with unique monsters and beasts. Killing the open-world bosses that spawn at random locations may grant the player a limited-edition card that also can be traded in the marketplace.

For players who just like to trade, there will be a Caravan Trading mechanic. Player merchants can acquire valuable resources unique to the player's home nation and launch a caravan trade from the nearest city, across the dangerous Outlaw Territories into foreign nations to sell resources to other players at a profit. This is a gameplay mechanic that will only be available once multiple nations are live. Without a central worldwide marketplace for in-game resources, players from foreign nations will be eager to buy them from traveling merchants. 

Lastly, there are no planned classes in Ember Sword. Players won't be bound to a single playstyle or a weapon type. However, each weapon will have its own leveling system, where the more it is used, the more new skills unique to the weapon will be unlocked. 

Token Information

EMBER will be the game's ERC-20 token. It will be used to acquire land, collectibles of all kinds, on the optional subscription (extra bank slots, a unique collectible every month, and other non-gameplay-impacting convenience features), and on a limited number of consumables, such as name-change scrolls.


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