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Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury Team
Action, Simulation
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Engines of Fury is a free-to-play blockchain top-down action shooter set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. In this harsh world filled with mutants, players must scavenge for resources, upgrade their hideout, and strive to emerge on top. Engines of Fury offers a blend of character personalization, innovative crafting, and intense survival mechanics, pushing players to adapt and survive in a brutal environment.


Upon starting Engines of Fury, players find themselves amidst a wasteland, battling mutants and other survivors. Each venture into the game’s locations demands skill, strategy, and a keen eye for loot. Players will experience a gameplay mix of combat, looting, and extraction, all while managing their character’s progression and hideout upgrades.

Players can mold their abilities and hideout to match their playstyle, facing not just mutants but other human players in a PvPvE setting. Victory against rivals rewards players with their fallen inventory, but the challenge doesn’t end there. The extraction phase demands strategic evasion and clever tactics to secure hard-earned loot and escape alive.

Engines of Fury introduces a classless system for character customization, allowing players to tailor their survivor to their preferences. The game also features co-op play, letting friends join forces for thrilling, high-reward adventures against formidable foes.

The game includes item fusion for creating new item variations and uses The Engine for generating randomized high-tier NFT items. Players can alter their equipment’s cosmetic appearance and engage with narrative elements involving various factions. The FURY token remains central to the game’s economy, used for crafting and customizing equipment NFTs, upgrading the hideout, and rerolling item stats. Seasonal loot boxes with limited-availability items are available for purchase, and staking FURY unlocks additional features and limited-run gear.

Engines of Fury features an immersive guild system, encouraging players to band together, share resources, and collaborate to build a shared guild hall. In this brutal world, survival is tough, but with the support of a guild, players can find strength, creativity, and the courage to conquer the Engines of Fury.

Token Information

The FURY token is the native token of the Engines of Fury economy. Players use it to craft and customize equipment NFTs, enhance their hideout's capabilities, and refactor their items by rerolling their stats. Seasonal loot boxes with limited-availability items will also be available for purchase using FURY. Staking FURY unlocks additional features, granting players the opportunity to battle for exclusive gear.


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