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Engines of Fury

Engines of Fury

In Development
Engines of Fury Team
Action, Simulation
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Engines of Fury is a play-to-earn blockchain-based NFT battler action that utilizes the BNB chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, FURY. It is a 3D Arena brawler in a retro-futuristic world where players play and earn to monetize their crypto assets.


Engines of Fury player starts in one of the Arenas of the city of Stoneport after an asteroid hits Earth and begins a catastrophe, mutating a large part of the living humans and animals with extraterrestrial viruses and bacteria. Players start their game training and get ready for a battle.

In the Engine of Fury world, the player will be able to immerse themselves in an engaging retro-futuristic world where they can find different types of arenas, champions, bosses, and quests to unlock new abilities, titanium schematics that can be assembled to create NFTs, and battle in PVP and PVE modes. 

Players get rewarded with FURY tokens for playing the game and completing various achievements, quests, and other gameplay-related activities. They can stake their FURY tokens in the arena when dueling other players and can forge new items by acquiring schematics by fighting AI and known as Engine Guardians and other players.

Engines of Fury begins after players select their battlers from 3 classes: Brawler, Gunslinger, or Alchemist. After acquiring a champion, players can choose from four gameplay modes to start playing. These are: PVE training ground which is free-to-play, and allows players to learn gameplay mechanics and try out their champion. PVE boss fights against a strong AI for a chance to earn rewards. PVP Duels in which fighting against other players by staking their tokens to earn tokens. And lastly, PVP Tournaments in which players fight against other players at stakes in a playoff fashion to earn tokens and bonus unique rewards.

In battles players can choose weapon/armor NFTs to equip and skills/abilities they want to use for the fight. The winner is determined based on the champion’s class, level, and items, as well as the ability/spell choices made, in addition to random odds. Fights take place in the form of an auto battler in an arena where players can see their hero fight against the opponents in a simulated and animated 3D fight. If the player wins, they will receive FURY tokens and a chance to also get weapons/armor or a recipe for a strong NFT item whether be it against AI or human opponents. Although the equipped weapons and armor NFTs, as well as ability choices, play a big role in providing slightly higher chances of success, they do not guarantee it as the game’s battle boundaries are set by RNG mechanics in which player can influence their odds with strategic decisions in their gear and skills as well as their battlers' levels.

Engines of Fury has various items available for the player’s champions in the form of NFTs such as weapons, armor, and later on, various enhancing items such as combat potions, bombs and cosmetically purposed items such as skins, and pets. Some of them will give a boost to players’ chances of winning.

Players can acquire these NFTs by participating in in-game actions and receiving rewards, airdrops or buying them off the game’s marketplace. They can also forge new NFTs by combining schematics and spending FURY, as well as can destroy them to earn or get back their FURY tokens.

Engines of Fury has a number of different arenas in which players can fight. Those arenas are buyable, so players can buy and own parts of those arenas. Arena ownership is set by Arena NFT tokens, allowing players to generate passive income from their arena shares for people that are fighting in it.

Token Information

The main token of Engines of Fury is based on the ERC-20 standard and bridged to BSC/BNB. It is planned to be implemented into Polygon and Solana in the future. FURY is the main utility token that will be used to exchange for other crypto-currencies, buy or forge NFTs, participate in arenas, and for staking.

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