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eSkillz Games
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eSkillz is a play-to-earn blockchain sports gaming platform that allows players to engage in skill-based sports games with its NFTs and ESKILLZ tokens. The platform features a range of free-to-play arcade modes, player-vs-AI matches, and competitive player-vs-player (PvP) matches. Players can play various games, including pool, golf, soccer, karting, basketball, and more, to compete against each other and climb the leaderboards. The games are available on PC and mobile platforms.


eSkillz features several free-to-play arcade modes and PvP games that players can choose from. The platform allows players to compete in both single-player and multiplayer modes across a variety of play styles.

In the eSkillz Pool game, players can play single and multiplayer games across different arcade styles. The eSkillz Golf game offers a variety of game modes, including driving range and course games. The platform will offer a range of other games, including karting, soccer, bowling, casino games, basketball, and more.

In addition to the games, eSkillz allows players to socialize, chat about sports, watch sports, wager, trade merchandise and memorabilia, and even own their own franchise or stadium. Players can participate in auctions, challenges, tasks, and other reward-based activities.

Players can also use SKILL, the testnet token, to purchase in-game testnet NFTs. They can upgrade these NFTs using Skill Points (SP), which are earned by playing the game, completing tasks, and winning wagers.

Token Information

While eSkillz Open Beta is in the Polygon testnet phase, the platform uses an in-game testnet token called SKILL that players can use to wager in arcade mode or against other players in PvP games. 

During the testnet phase, there will be no liquidity attached to the SKILL token; it will have no real value, and players cannot buy or sell it. Once the platform moves to the mainnet, the economy will run on PvP wagering and player-owned digital assets.

The ESKILLZ token will have several utilities in the eSkillz SportsVerse ecosystem. These utilities include in-game wagering, player-to-environment and competition/tournament entry, and marketplace transactions, including land, NFTs, and game items. Players can also use the token for sports franchise ownership and rewards. The platform will also have staking capabilities.

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