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Eternal Dragons

Eternal Dragons

Trailblazer Games
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Eternal Dragons is a blockchain play-to-earn strategy game where players can own NFT dragons and earn ETERNIUM tokens. The game franchise is created by Trailblazer Games and tells the story of the Eternal Dragons universe. The game has four different chapters, the first one, Eternal Dragons - Chapter 1: Strife, set to be released soon. Players who hold Genesis Eternal Dragons will get early access to the first game and long-term benefits across all the upcoming games in the franchise. The game is available on both PC and mobile platforms.


In Eternal Dragons, every Genesis Eternal Dragon can have one of twelve affinities, nine classes, and five rarities. The class of the dragon will determine its appearance and gameplay style, while its affinity will define its primary color. The rarity of the dragon's traits will determine its power, and it will have several unique individual traits and special skills to use in battle. 

Each Genesis Eternal Dragon spawns from a Genesis Egg after minting, and has a completely unique DNA. Players can breed Descendant Eternal Dragons using a Descendant Egg and Eternium. To breed a Descendant Eternal Dragon, players only need to have access to the DNA, or Dragon Blood, of one parent Genesis Eternal Dragon. They don't need to own any Genesis Eternal Dragons themselves.

Eternal Dragons is divided into several chapters: "Prologue: Genesis" and "Chapter 1: Strife", which will be based on successful auto chess and auto battler games, providing a balance of strategy, tactics, skill, and luck. "Chapter 2: House of Dragons" will focus on new civilizations that have emerged from the ruins of the past and will allow players to use resources earned in Chapter 1 to build civilizations and alliances. "Chapter 3: War of Kings" will feature alliances formed in previous chapters competing against each other in a 4X setting, battling for power and answers.

The main gameplay mechanics are based on auto-chess and other auto-battle games. It balances strategy and tactics, skill versus luck, and has various levers to control this balance. The player is pitted against other players in the arena or NPC heroes and bosses in PvE mode.

In the core battle game, players place their dragons and minions in the arena, with minions filling out the battle roster if players haven't collected enough dragons. Minions are always less powerful than dragons. Each battle round begins with the player randomly selecting units to place on the battlefield, each with a varying cost in activity points. Once all units have been placed, the battle begins and plays out automatically, without further player interaction. This loop repeats between each round of battle.

Token Information

In Eternal Dragons, the Eternium token is the in-game currency used to buy and sell Genesis and Descendant Eternal Dragons on the marketplace. Players can also earn Eternium tokens by participating in battles and breeding. Additionally, Eternium tokens can be used for staking to receive rewards or to vote on game changes and features.


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