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EtherOrcs is a play-to-earn, blockchain metaverse NFT MMORPG where players can own orc NFTs and earn ZUG and BONESHARD tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Players can team up with their allies and go on raids, pillages, and journeys together. Dungeon crawling is also featured, where players can explore a custom-built world and overcome enemies to gain loot. The game is available to play on browsers.


EtherOrcs features different game modes such as raids, dungeons, and pillages. Players can train their orcs before participating in any mode to gain experience and level up. Higher-level orcs can access higher-tiered loot pools and raid locations. Players can participate in the general order of game modes; train to gain experience and level up, pillage to gain better gear, and join raids to gain prizes. Pillaging takes place in three different loot pools; the town (level 1+), the dungeon (level 3+), and the cavern (level 10+). Raids are the hardest events that require ZUG tokens to enter and reward BONESHARD tokens which can be traded and exchanged in the marketplace. Orcs can also be sent to farms to earn ZUG tokens.

Ally races that can go on raids with players’ orcs and aid them include shamans that are guides and healers, ogres are warriors and tanks, and rogues are dark elves from the forests. Allies can craft consumable items; shamans can craft potions, ogres can craft training dummies, and rogues can craft luck runes. Potions shorten the time limit to complete raids, training dummies increase any orcs or ally’s level by four, and luck runes can be used to improve a raid’s outcome by two percent. Each ally can be trained (shamans can go on journeys, ogres can go onto battles, and rogues can go to trials) to enhance the effects of their craftable items.

Dungeons is a massively multiplayer dungeon crawler mode that allows players to participate with one of their NFT characters. Their characters are assigned attributes such as hit points, stamina, attack power, and defense. This mode requires ZUG to enter, and players can bring a character, equipment, and consumable items. Players can explore the randomly generated dungeon and against various enemies through different levels. Combat in this mode is turn-based and can be against multiple enemies. After defeating the dungeon boss at the end of each level, players will receive different treasure chests and treasure points. 

Token Information

ZUG tokens are earned through sending orcs to farms. They can be used to participate in raids and special events. BONESHARD tokens are the rewards for completing raids. ZUG is also used to mint new orcs, while BONESHARD is used to mint ally races.


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