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Ethlas is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain arcade metaverse that allows players to own NFT characters and earn XGEM and ELS tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Using their NFT characters, players can participate in a selection of arcade games and earn tokens while playing. The game is available on all platforms and can be accessed from any device.


Ethlas can be played with NFT characters called Komos. They are little winged creatures that all feature different characteristics. Komos can equip NFT artifacts and treasures that grant them special active and passive abilities. Each Komo features an elemental affinity, and they can be equipped with a suitable elemental NFT to boost their stats. Elementals are NFTs that can be staked along with Komos. Players can own more than one Komo by performing a summoning ritual to mint a new one.

Players can participate in casual arcade games to level up their Komos and their attributes in the training grounds. Each arcade game is linked to one of the stats, such as agility, intelligence, or dexterity of a Komo.

Ores are dropped randomly as the players participate in various game modes. They allow for crafting artifacts that grant skins, level boosts, increased material drop rate, and access to special parts of the game when equipped.

Land NFTs can be owned to build homes, training facilities, research labs, and harvesting sites for Komos. Landowners can customize each aspect of their land, which other players can view. Players can visit and host games on the lands. They are tradeable on the Ethlas marketplace.

Komo Klash is a game mode where players can participate with their Komos featuring a PvE campaign, co-op boss battles, and PvP arena battles. Campaign mode has quests where players can go on quests in ten elemental realms. Owning a certain elemental NFT unlocks special missions in the corresponding elemental realm.  Co-op boss battles feature deities that are required to defeat collectively. They reward XGEMS, skill packs, and in-game consumables. PvP arena allows players to bring three Komos and participate in a weekly championship to battle against other players.

Token Information

ELS tokens are the governance tokens that allow voting, holders have a say in the growth and the evolution of Ethlas. It has a finite supply. XGEM tokens are the main in-game currency that operates as a utility token. It is utilized in all in-game purchases as well as rewarded for successful participation in various game modes.


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