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Evaverse is a play-to-earn blockchain metaverse where players can own NFT characters and assets while earning EVA tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game features a hub where players can socialize and enter different game modes. It is available to play on PC.


Evaverse allows players to participate in different games such as; hoverboard racing, treasure hunting, laser tag, bowling, and soccer. Players can spawn the required assets into the game hub and start playing with others immediately. Mini-games panel can be accessed at any point during gameplay. Event-based mini-games such as hoverboard races are entered through portals in the hub world. NFT items such as hoverboards have a prestige level that ranges from zero to a hundred indicating how rare and higher-tiered they are, with one hundred being the rarest of the NFT collection.

Hoverboard races reward experience points for the owned NFT hoverboards. Winning the race or participating with higher-prestige boards grant bonus experience points. Each board has unique stat profiles that dictate how the board handles, accelerates, and reaches top speed. Players can view their owned hoverboard NFTs from the gear select window. Other than NFT gear and characters, players can own Turtle Troop avatars which act as pet companions. They can be included in mini-games and ride hoverboards together. Once summoned, pet turtles accompany the player throughout the world hub.

Players can form teams and guilds to compete in different mini-games. Players will be ranked and rewarded for outperforming other competitors. Competitive events can be held in respective arenas for certain mini-games such as racetracks for hoverboards, arenas for soccer and laser tag. Builders can earn a percentage of the tokens generated in the arenas and the land by leasing them.

There are special seasonal events that are held in the Evaverse world hub, which feature limited edition NFTs as rewards. These events can be entered with a ticket. Wonderland holiday event featured candy cane, snowflake, halos, and gingerbread man NFTs that can be bought as a part of a unique NFT collection.

Token Information

EVA tokens can be used to buy NFT items, characters, and other assets from the marketplace. They are also used for transactions such as buying tickets for certain events. They can be earned through successful participation in different game modes.


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