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In Development
Apex One Studio
Strategy, Action
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Evermoon is a play-to-earn blockchain NFT multiplayer online battle arena strategy game where players can own NFT characters and earn EVM and ES tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game allows players to play with three free non-NFT heroes as well as the NFT heroes they own. Evermoon is available for mobile platforms iOS and Android.


Evermoon has two modes that the players can participate in; a normal match mode and a ranked match mode. Both modes have the same gameplay elements. Players compete in a 5v5 match that depletes a stamina point where everyone gains rewards in the end regardless of the outcome. These rewards are dependent on the mode and the result of the match. In normal matches, players are rewarded with free loot boxes and experience points if they win the game. Losers only receive experience points. In ranked matches, winners receive winner loot boxes, experience points, and ranking points, while losers get loser loot boxes, experience points, and lose their rank points. Each rank (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, zenither, beyonder) receives corresponding chests that contain rewards. Players can choose not to spend stamina points. However, this results in not receiving any rewards except an experience point. 

While playing in normal and ranked modes, players can complete several different quests that reward loot boxes and tokens. Daily and weekly quests have a condition of winning a certain number of normal and ranked matches while logging in and being online for a certain amount of time. Aside from these quests, players can complete move-to-earn quests that reward stamina for the number of kilometers that a player walks. Normally, stamina is refreshed daily, but players can increase their earnings by simply moving around.

Heroes are divided into six classes that feature different playstyles; assassins, fighters, tanks, carries, mages, and supports. Each hero has the same basic attributes like hit points, armor, attack power, and mobility that vary depending on their class. Heroes can be equipped with cosmetic items called skins with different rarities (rare, epic, mystic, and legendary) that have no effect on gameplay. Players can either receive non-NFT heroes or own NFT heroes to participate in matches. NFT heroes can be bought directly from the marketplace or gained from hero shards. Hero shards are collected from loot boxes. They can be combined and upgraded into random NFT heroes. 

Token Information

EVM and ES tokens are the two native tokens of Evermoon. EVM tokens are the governance tokens that allow voting within the ecosystem with a finite supply and can be used to purchase hero capsules from the marketplace. They can be staked for further profits. ES tokens, on the other hand, have an unlimited supply and can be used to participate in challenges and tournaments. They can be earned from loot boxes.


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