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Introduction is a blockchain-based FPS game on the Solana network with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, E. The players can battle and fight to win cryptocurrency rewards in this quick “load and play, bungee-style” type of arena FPS.

Gameplay is designed to be highly accessible and easy to play, with no need to download any additional software. Instead, players can simply play the game directly within their browser of choice. is also free-to-play, which means that anyone can start playing without having to spend any money. However, for those who want to earn rewards, it is necessary to create an account and use NFTs. This is because is also creating the first advertisement engine in the gaming space to run their game economy.

One of the main features of is its emphasis on mobility and gunplay. Players can take advantage of abilities like teleportation and triple jumping, which add a new level of strategy to the gameplay. offers a variety of different game modes for players to enjoy, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Mayhem, Battle Royal, Survival, and Capture the Flag. Each mode offers a different level of challenge, and players can compete against each other to see who can come out on top. Additionally, the game includes a variety of utility abilities like impulse, smoke, flash, and sticky grenades, which provide players with a full tactical experience. In, players are given the option to play alone or with a group of friends. Players can create and join games as a party. Each player has access to multiple upgrades for their character, including ability upgrades and level upgrades. These upgrades allow players to improve their characters' movement options, reduce the time it takes for their gun to reload, and increase their ammunition. The game has mostly passive abilities, but players can discover and upgrade two active abilities per character. When the game starts, players are teleported to a randomly generated sci-fi map where they can fight against other players. After a game session is over, players can quickly enter another game. As players play the game and eliminate opponents, they earn "e" tokens. This allows players to earn rewards for playing the game, which can be used to further upgrade their characters and improve their chances of winning. Another feature of is the clan system, which allows players to work together towards shared interests and goals. Clans can compete for points, which determine their placement on the clan leaderboard and allow them to earn rewards. Not all clans need to be competitive, however, and players can also make a clan with members that play just for fun.

As for weapons, offers players a variety of options to choose from, including hand rifles, automatic rifles, laser rifles, and burn rifles. Each weapon archetype has its own set of characteristics such as damage and rate of fire. The weapons are also divided into different factions, tiers, and rarities. Players can adjust their loadout in-game to fit their playstyle, and can also use a variety of grenades and traps. Additionally, special weapons can be picked up on the game map for added firepower. However, players should be aware that the rarity and power level of the NFTs they acquire can influence the amount of rewards they earn from in-game achievements, which could lead to a pay-to-win dynamic. However, the game also emphasizes the importance of tactics and twitch gameplay, so highly skilled players with normal weapon NFTs could still earn more than those with advanced weapons.

In, NFTs are unique digital assets that can be acquired by players and used to earn rewards in the game. There are currently 1,463 weapon NFTs and 2,403 character NFTs available, and players can purchase these NFTs on various marketplaces such as Fractal, Magic Eden, and OpenSea. NFTs have a power level separate from their rarity, which ranges from 0 to 100. As players reach higher power levels, the appearance of their NFTs will change. Players can power up their NFTs by participating in special events, daily quests, clan wars, and ranking up in PVP. It's important to note that these NFTs do not affect any in-game statistics, but rather provide boosts to in-game rewards, giving players the potential to earn more. The higher the rarity and power level of an NFT, the more rewards a player can earn for achievements in the game.

Token Information

The game economy of is based on the use of an off-chain virtual currency called "e." This currency is used as a medium of exchange within the game to avoid network fees and congestion. Players can earn “e” by increasing their score count, which is determined by their kills and other in-game objectives. The higher a player's score, the more “e” they can earn. The “e” tokens can then be exchanged for Solana (SOL), the cryptocurrency used on the Solana network, at a flat and guaranteed rate of $5 per 10,000 e. However, in order to earn "e,"  players need to acquire NFTs, which act as a way to boost in-game rewards and potentially earn more SOL.

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