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Evolution Land

Evolution Land

Evolution Team


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Evolution Land is a play-to-earn, idle NFT virtual management game that DeFi (decentralized finance), and NFT aspects are put at the center. The game has five different blockchain networks (Ethereum, Tron, Crab, Heco, and Polygon) built on five different continents (Atlantis, Byzantine, Columbus, Dawning, and Eden). Each of its upcoming 20+ continents will also be tied to a different public blockchain network.


Evolution Land has organic molecules as in-game assets that include five resources: gold, wood, water, fire, and silica, the constituent of sand, and they are all scattered across the LAND. To be able to use these resources, players must own an Apostle.

The Apostles are the carriers of a piece of the players’ consciousness. They can breed, work, battle, produce goods, or even date with each other. The Apostle’s genome is crucial to determine his/her physical appearance and talents. Their traits are determined by inherited and/or mutated genomes. Also, the Apostles can be rented, bought, or sold via the in-game marketplace.


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