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Action, MMO
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Exverse is a play-to-earn blockchain-based NFT MMO Shooter that utilizes Ethereum networks with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, EXVG and EXVS. It is a massively multiplayer 3D third-person shooter in the Battle Royale genre with Play & Earn mechanics, combining competitive game modes in different worlds. 


In Exverse, players can take part in multiple PvE and PvP game modes with esports features to earn rewards and monetize their NFT assets.

The main gameplay of Exverse revolves around classic Battle Royale matches where 100 players will be pitted against each other in a large battleground arena with a shrinking ring that continually closes in on the players, staying outside the ring for too long will lead to the player being eliminated. In each match, the goal is to be the last player or team standing by eliminating all other opponents. A match starts by spawning the player into a large map space by having all players skydive from the Exverse Battle Titan aircraft. 

All players start with minimal equipment, giving no player an advantage at the onset. Equipment such as weapons or special abilities are randomly scattered around the map, with special NPCs that spawn on landmarks on the map, such as within caverns in the Tundra biome. 

Players need to search the map for these items or abilities while avoiding being killed by other players. After winning these matches players, top 10 players from the game will receive tokens according to their standings and NFT fragments or keys to open loot boxes which may further reward them. Seasonal events such as Chinese New Year or Halloween will also take place and reward attendees with even rarer NFTs.

PvP won’t be limited to BR mode only and will be further enhanced by classical PvP modes such as Capture the Flag and Free for All where players will be matched according to their rank and stake their tokens beforehand to make the PvP a high-risk high reward scenario. 

In PvE, players will face hordes in co-op Horde Rush mode, can attend daily missions with unique rewards, and can take place in raids against bosses every week with even higher token and NFT rewards.

In Exverse, the player's development will come in the form of levels (account level + season levels) & ranks. Throughout the season players will be able to level up their account level to unlock more skins, token rewards, treasure chest rewards, keys & NFT rewards.

As a free-to-play game, the NFT skins in Exverse are purely cosmetic to allow for a fair game & give players the ability to earn more tokens. Tokens are rewarded based on performance in-game, and equipping the skins will add a modifier to the tokens earned. The earning percentage of each equipped skin will be tied to its rarity to contribute to the overall earning percentage. Skins can be earned via playing and earning skin fragments, fragments can also be earned by opening a treasure chest, With a cap on how many fragments can be earned daily. These skins can also be burnt if they run out of durability or further synthesized with other skins to make even rarer skins with higher durability that can be monetized on the game’s marketplace.

It is not all about gunplay in Exverse though, aside from different weapon classes, players will have different hero abilities for their characters that could be picked up from random locations on the map, so the gameplay will still stay balanced and fair. Exverse also plans an NFT Pet system involving its community and partners in the process, these pets will have no effect on the gameplay except cosmetic purposes though. Another planned future is the ability for players to host their own esports tournaments by organizing staking pools for monetary rewards. Guilds are also part of the game and will be represented by their in-game clan banner, which will evolve over time based on the clan's activity, ranking & participation in seasonal or tournament events, benefiting guild members with higher rewards and special missions that could be attended as a clan.

The marketplace will be the main avenue for token exchanges, skin trade, NFT sales, and purchasing seasonal battle passes. The game also features an option to rent/lend NFTs.

Token Information

Exverse will be powered by two tokens: EXVS and EXVG. Together they shape the foundation of the dual token economy. The EXVS token is the in-game currency, which players can use to acquire NFTs of digital assets, in-game skins, season passes & more. The EXVG token is the primary token where holders can impact the decision-making related to the Exverse policies and development. EXVS tokens can be earned by solely in-game actions, the EXVG on the other hand will need to be swapped with EXVG tokens or bought on crypto exchanges.


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