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Farcana Studio
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Farcana is a team-based ability-hero shooter action blockchain game set in a dystopian future on Mars. Players can engage in intense battles in various arenas while also having the opportunity to collect unique NFT assets and participate in rewarding in-game tournaments. This game combines MOBA dynamics with NFT integration and play-to-earn mechanics, offering an immersive experience where every decision counts. The game is available on PC.


Farcana’s gameplay revolves around fast-paced action where weaponry and strategic deployment of character abilities are pivotal in determining match outcomes. Players immerse themselves in a high-octane shooting experience reminiscent of classic shooters, navigating dynamic environments with quick reflexes and decisive actions.

There is a diverse array of characters known as Stars and weapons, each offering unique capabilities. Players can engage in action-packed 4v4 team battles in various arenas, each with distinct victory conditions.

The game boasts a roster of 24 distinctive characters, each equipped with specialized abilities and weapons. Farcana introduces a nuanced 4-role system (frontliner, tactician, healer, disruptor) that enhances team strategy and tactical depth. With 20 distinct weapons featuring unique handling and alternative fire modes, combat engagements are enriched with layers of strategy and customization.

Farcana pioneers an integrated eSports tournament system within the blockchain gaming landscape. This initiative not only elevates competitive gaming standards but also introduces Bitcoin-backed rewards distributed via Ordinals BRC-20 tokens, ensuring tangible incentives for top-tier performance.

Token Information

Farcana utilizes FAR tokens, facilitating transactions within the game's ecosystem. The Mars Enigma Vault, an exclusive NFT collection limited to 777 pieces, serves as a gateway to premium content and rewards. These include airdrops of FAR tokens, in-game credits, legendary limited edition weapon skins, and full access to 2024 tournament passes (one per quarter).

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