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Farmers World

Farmers World



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Farmers World is a play-to-earn, NFT farming simulator game that is playable on the Wax Blockchain Platform. Players need to have a WAX wallet and a tool to start playing the game. Tools can be bought from the market or crafted through in-game currencies. There are 3 in-game currencies; Food coin (FWF), wood coin (FWW), and gold coin (FWG).


Different tools are used to get different coins. Axe, saw, and chainsaw is used to gain wood coins. Fishing rods, fishing nets, and fishing boats are for food coins. The only way to extract gold coins, however, is to have a mining machine. How much of these resources players gain depends on the level of the working tools that are used. During the extraction process, players will lose some health, which is restored by using food coins. This also increases a player's strength stat, which is the main requirement for harvesting wood coins. Each time a wood coin is collected, players' strength stat and the durability of the tool will decrease. In order to repair the tools, players need gold coins. They can also buy new tools from the marketplace using gold coins.

Besides farming and mining, there are more gameplay elements like breeding animals which allows for more food, building your farm to expand and ensure safety, cultivating your crops to gain food, and lastly, fighting wild jungle animals to defend the farms and receive rewards.

Token Information

All three tokens can be purchased or sold at the marketplace. Axe, saw, and chainsaw can extract FWW (Wood) tokens. while fishing rod, fishing net, and the fishing boat can pull out FWF (Food) tokens. Mining excavators can obtain FWG (Gold) tokens. These tokens can be used to craft corresponding tools.

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