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Farming Tales

Farming Tales

Farming Tales Team
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Farming Tales is a play-to-earn, NFT farming simulator game that connects the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the world of agriculture and farming. The team that developed the game states that the game was developed to help small entrepreneurs and farmers who were hurt the most due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The game currently has three different farms, two of which are located on the Italian territory to produce honey and saffron. The third one is located in Tenerife and grows hemp. The development team aims to expand Farming Tales’ network and involve more of the small farmers and entrepreneurs around the globe to join on this adventure.

In Farming Tales, players can own some tangible assets of Farming Tales’ real farm. The ownership of the in-game assets guarantees its owner a small amount of production of a particular product such as honey from beehives. Players can use their NFTs to increase production in the actual farm. At the end of each actual harvest season, the products from the real farm will be collected and sent to the players. But what happens if a player does not want to receive products? Players also have the freedom to delegate the sale to the development team. Farming Tales can make the sale for the players, and instead of the harvested product, players can get at least 20% of the return on investment.

To become an asset owner, players must complete the NFTs collection associated with that specific season; for the Honey Season, it will be necessary to complete the Beekeeper’s collection. Every season collection has ten different themed tools, and these tools represent the real tools of a real farmer on a real farm. The first nine of the NFT tools can be found in seasonal packs or simply can be traded on the marketplace. However, the 10th and the most important one is distributed directly by Farming Tales via an auction. By using all of these seasonal tools, players can generate a new NFT, which represents a “land” of Farming Tales’ farms. This land NFT guarantees the possession of the asset it represents. For example, each hive supplies the player/owner 1 kilogram of honey and contains 20 production slots. Also, owners of hives can set fees between 0% and 10% to let other players use their hives.


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