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Fistiana is a play-to-earn blockchain sports game where players can own NFT boxers and earn FCT and FGT tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can choose boxers and participate in different game modes to earn tokens. The game is accessible through browsers.


Fistiana features a standard ring mode where players can partake in ring matches with their equipped NFT fighters. If a player wants to track their progress and extend their competition, league mode allows them to enter weekly or monthly leagues where a number of matches are held, and the winners are awarded. Both modes award FCT tokens for participating in a few rounds of matches. The awarded amount is dependent on a few factors; the type, the power, the explosiveness, and the stamina of the boxer player has.

Every boxer has four main attributes that increase the FCT earnings. Combat strength directly affects their combat power and their win rates, stability dictates how much a boxer's combat power improves per match, explosiveness determines the upper limit of a boxer’s combat power, and endurance decides the healing cost of a boxer. Boxers come in different qualities, such as common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The higher the quality of a boxer, the higher their stats and their treatment costs are. Boxer quality also affects the attribute points they gain from each level up. Common boxers gain four points per level, while legendaries earn twelve. Players can choose boxers from four different types that are suited for the main mode they are playing; amateur, league, battle, and all-around. Boxers can also be rented from the market if the players want to try out different boxers for separate game modes.

There is a training mechanic that allows players to gain mysterious boxes that contain various loot. Each boxer can be sent for training up to seven times. Every training process has a chance to reward boxes, but the process increases a boxer's token consumption. Mysterious boxes have the same level of quality as the boxers, and they can contain boxers of any quality. The quality of the boxes earned is dependent on the quality of the boxer that is sent to training.

Token Information

The game has two native tokens; FCT and FGT. FCT token is used to open mysterious boxes, to heal and train boxers, and to reset boxer attributes. It can be earned by participating in the ring or league modes. FGT, on the other hand, is a governance token that allows voting. It can be used to customize boxers and upgrade them.

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