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Flowerpatch is a play-to-earn blockchain massively multiplayer online farming game where players can collect flower NFTs and earn SEED tokens on the Polygon network. Players are able to plant their flowers on a plot of land and cross breed them with others. This allows players to create unique plants. The game is available to play on mobile and PC platforms.


Flowerpatch gives its players the role of a koala that manages and grows plants. Players can build and cultivate their farms with NFT flowers. These farms can be populated with five different rarities of flower NFTs; common, unusual, rare, epic, and legendary. The higher the rarity the stronger the terrain bonuses will be. Flowers can be bred together to create new combinations of plants. When bred, the newly created flower will take some of the strains of its parents. Strain types can vary from land affinity, nug type, powder type, main leaf types, smell, color, and many more. Flower NFTs can be planted, bred, harvested, and cut down as many times as a player would like, there are no downsides to any of these actions.

There are six different flower terrain types with different bonuses and downsides; soil, sand, rock, lava, water, and ice. Every flower has to be matched with the corresponding land type. Players need to find a type of land that matches their flowers to plant them. Once a player chooses the tile of land they want to plant, they need to till the land to gain ownership of the land for a limited amount of time.

Fully grown plants can yield SEED tokens. Players are able to harvest them in order to gain items and tokens. Other than providing SEED tokens, plants give players crafting materials. Players can harvest them to craft specific land tiles, bombs to clear tiles, billboards, and gravestones with messages, and tile toppers to decorate their land.

Breeding can be done with two fully grown flower NFTs. Growing flowers takes some time just like any other plant. Players don’t need to own two plants, they can attempt the breeding process with an adjacent flower of another player. This process doesn’t consume or degrade the used flowers.

Token Information

SEED tokens can be earned by harvesting fully grown plants. Plants drop SEED tokens based on their harvest size and spread stats. SEED can be exchanged at decentralized marketplaces.

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