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Forgotten Chain

Forgotten Chain

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Forgotten Chain is a play-to-earn, MMORPG NFT game that is set in a player-driven mysterious fantasy universe on the Binance Smart Chain Network. The main in-game currency is used to buy and sell NFTs and repair equipment. It can be obtained through killing monsters, completing quests, trading, owning and selling NFTs, mining, fishing, and in-game events. NFTs of the game can be exchanged or equipped as they are all functional weapons, armors, lands, and pets. The pet system involves hatching an egg, training, feeding, and breeding. Players can also level up and evolve their pets. There is also a mount mechanic that allows players to travel faster and gain bonuses depending on the mount.


There are four classes in the game; Mage, Warlock, Knight, Assassin. Players of different classes can team up and form a guild. The Guild system allows for wars and tournaments between guilds, these events include unique quests and game modes. There are also guild skills that can only be obtained by participating.

The map is ample land surrounded by islands. It is split into three different kingdoms where each has its own region. Players can choose among three kingdoms; Drakary, Taria, and Xaetha, and become renowned heroes. Players can own land from one of these kingdoms and rule them. There are three types of lands; battle plots, villages, and cities. The bigger the player's land, the more they can do and earn from them. Players can set up businesses that allow them to rent land.

There is also an area called the Danger Zone. This is both a PvP and a PvE area where players can kill or be killed. It is high risk and high reward area so caution is needed.

Token Information

FTC tokens can be obtained from killing monsters, finishing quests, fishing, crafting, and mining. They can also be traded, bought, or sold at the marketplace. FTC token is used to buy or sell NFT items and characters from the marketplace.

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