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Gala Games


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Fortitude is a play-to-earn blockchain NFT tower defense strategy game where players can own NFT assets and earn GALA tokens on the Ethereum network. Players can participate in battles against other players, command an army, and defend their base. The game will be available on the PC platform.


Fortitude is set in a dark fantasy world where players can set up their villages. There can be multiple player-managed villages on a map. Throughout the game, players can build and grow their village by adding buildings, heroes, and troops. The main gameplay loop consists of players attacking each other while also managing, developing, and defending their villages against other players.

Towers, heroes, troops, and lands can be bought as NFTs. These NFT assets can be regarded as trading cards that can be combined for different effects. Players must build and craft defensive structures such as cannon towers, arrow towers, and magic buildings to hold off the enemy invasions. Each NFT asset added to a village will increase its defense and attack power as well as its value on the market, which makes it more of a priority target for other players. Also, player-owned land NFTs can be leased to other players for further profits.

Players can choose to invade other players’ villages with their army. Troops and heroes can be trained to form an army and attack other villages for precious materials and resources. A successful invasion will yield great prizes. These earnings help players in expanding and developing their village. 

Token Information

GALA tokens are the native token of the game since it is in the Gala Games ecosystem called the Galaverse. They can be earned from successful in-game participation and can be used to buy NFT assets from the marketplace.


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