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FOTA - Fight of the Ages

FOTA - Fight of the Ages

Meta Djinn PTE. LTD.
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FOTA is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, triple-A NFT MOBA strategy game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, FOTA. In the game, players have the chance to customize and create their own avatars with the integration of the Mixed Reality platform, Microsoft Mesh.


Upon starting the game, players can immediately use 70 different types of NFTs with four different rarity levels such as common, rare, epic, and legendary. Players can buy common rarity level NFTs from the marketplaces directly, however, to own a rare, epic, or legendary NFT item, players need to use the alchemy ability to forge new items with a better rarity level.

Players can experience different game modes in FOTA, from campaign-focused PvE mode to arena mode, which occurs between players. In campaign mode, players experience the storyline of the FOTA universe. Players can venture into the action on three different realms during their gameplay. Arena game mode lets players organize battles between themselves. The automatic matching algorithm helps players to create a balanced environment in terms of fairness in PvP mode. Also, players can create lobbies to challenge other players in duel mode. Duels can happen in 1vs1, 2vs2, or 5vs5, where players control their heroes to beat the opponents. Players can also participate in the tournaments as well. The tournament winners will be granted the title of “The Universe Champion,” and only teams with five members can participate in this mode. 

FOTA has eight playable races; Omni, Dragon, Elf, Keen, Human, Demon, Beast, and Ogre. Each race has its own background story, players can experience the game with the races they feel closest to according to these background stories. In addition to the races, there are eight different classes; mage, priest, warlock, warrior, chemist, hunter, assassin, and mech. The classes are the same for each race, which means there is no class limitation according to the chosen race.

In FOTA, players have a chance to own NFT lands on three different realms; Earth, Greenland, and Nightmare. Each land on these realms is an NFT asset that players can buy, sell, or rent. The Greenland, aka the Land of Eternity can only be ruled by Omni and Dragon races. The Earth realm is the homeland of the Elf, Human, and Keen races. And lastly, the Nightmare realm, the realm of terror and darkness, is the home of the Beast, Demon, and Ogre races.

Token Information

FOTA uses the FOTA token as its official cryptocurrency. Players can earn FOTA tokens by playing the game and participating in in-game activities such as duels, campaigns, PvP matches, renting, selling land, etc. The FOTA token can be used as a trading currency on the game’s official marketplace and as a staking cryptocurrency by players.

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IDO (MoonStarter)16-16 Jun 2022$0.17 $50,000.00 294,11820% at TGE; and then weekly vesting700,000,000Market cap: $1,487,500$2,380,000.00 
Private (Koistarter)11-12 May 2022$0.15 $10,000.00 66,666-
Circulating Supply: 8,750,000
Private- -  - 209,333,33410% TGE after listing on Pancake 4 hours then start vesting, vesting for 12 months, and open Block-by-Block.

Strategic 2 (MoonStarter)16-16 Jun 2022$0.12 $50,000.00 416,66710% at TGE (+15min) and then weekly vesting

Strategic 1- -  - 35,000,00010% TGE after listing on Pancake 6 hours then start vesting, vesting for 15 months, and open Block-by-Block

Seed- -  - 10,500,00010% TGE after listing on Pancake 8 hours then start vesting, vesting for 18 months, and open Block-by-Block


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