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In Development
Frontier team
Action, MMO
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Frontier is a play-to-earn, community-driven NFT MMO PvP game that aims to run global competitions with playable items and rewarding gameplay. Frontier is based on the universe of The Watcher, a mysterious being lost in space. The game’s story and lore are being created by players by working together with the development team via Twitter. 


In the game, the Watchers, in-game playable characters, can use weapons, shields, hacks, and traps. These items are called blocks. Blocks have two different varieties: flash blocks and glitch blocks. Flash blocks are meant to harm the enemy, the Watcher can equip two flash blocks at the same time. Glitch blocks are the ultimate weapon of the Watcher. It has a longer cooldown compared to flash blocks, so players are expected to use glitch blocks wisely.

Players start the game with a basic Watcher, who can be upgraded later. There are fifteen different skin types in the game at the moment with unique art styles. Frontier offers a limited-supplied in-game special unit as well, the Zero; they are the only exclusive unit in the game.

The galactic map of the Frontier universe is split into hundreds of sectors to be explored and conquered by players. Players start with one sector and expand their territories by force. With that being said, players must be cautious because of a great threat: the black hole. The black hole can destroy an entire sector easily. 

Frontier rewards its players with different items by being a play-to-earn game. The Data Key is a utility NFT that gives players special accesses, exclusive airdrops, and tokens. All Genesis Frontier NFT holders are guaranteed different perks and airdrops. Upon playing the game, Frontier, players can earn in-game rewards and seasonal gifts from the prize pool of the game. 

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