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Ftribe Fighters

Ftribe Fighters

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Ftribe Fighters is a blockchain-based play-to-earn, action NFT MOBA strategy game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, F2C and FMC. The game takes place in the Ftribe universe, a multi-dimensional multiverse ecosystem in which diverse game worlds connect with integrating DeFi tools, NFT marketplaces, wallet implementation, etc.


In the game, players control different characters to outpower their opponents in a MOBA setup. At the moment, there are three characters that players can try out; Alura, Kenjin, and Mike. However, the development team plans to add 36 more characters to the game with future releases. Each character in the game has their own background stories, personalities, and abilities that define their play style. For example, Allison Rayne, aka Alura is a nurse, and her main focus while battling in the field is to heal and support her allies. She is a selfless character that uses the area of effect healing (AoE) abilities to make her team outlive the opponent team. 

Characters that players in the game can control are not NFT assets, but the pieces of equipment they use are NFT assets. The game has three NFT categories: weapons, gear, and upgrades. All of the weapons are interchangeable between characters in the game. Weapons may include range weapons such as rifles and handguns and melee weapons such as daggers and knives. Players start the game with default weapons; Electrocute Beam EB-01, a beam gun, and Helis, a knife. The level of these default weapons begins from 0. Players can acquire better weapons by opening F2 Advance Boxes and Binance Mystery Boxes if they want an advantage on the battlefield against their opponents. In addition to these weapons, players also can obtain different NFT weapons from the monsters in the game. DG Frost, DG Flame, SeeK Grenade, and Poisonous Tripod are weapons that can be acquired by killing mobs from different maps. 

Each character has their own gear slots that include a hat, armor, pants, and shoes. Another character cannot equip these gears since each kit is unique for characters. For example, Ronin Armor is distinctive to Kenjin, increasing Kenjin’s maximum health pool, or Little Moon Hat is exclusive for Alura, and it increases Alura’s armor. 

Players can upgrade both weapons and gear items. To do that, players need to own three items of the same type to combine and increase the item level. These weapons and gear can be collected throughout the game or by buying and opening F2 Advance and Binance Mystery Boxes. The overall power and item level of an NFT item determines its value simultaneously. Rarer and more valuable items can be sold on the marketplace for a better profit. 

Ftribe Fighters offers players three main game modes: Battle Royal Mode, Death Match Mode, and Tower Defense Mode. Battle Royal Mode has three sub-modes: Solo, Duos, and Squad. Death Match and Tower Defense modes are still in development. The main difference between these modes is the number of players that can experience the game. In Battle Royale Mode, players participate in a maximum of 16 players per match and try to do their best to survive for 5 minutes. While fighting on the battlefield, players will be able to notice that the dome is getting smaller after every specific time. Players must avoid being left out in the dome; otherwise, they die instantly. Players can explore the battlefield to find secret boxes to supply ammo, health, and armor. In addition to secret boxes, players also can kill monsters to acquire bombs and exclusive guns to increase the chances of being the winner of the match.

Token Information

Ftribe Fighters uses two cryptocurrencies for different purposes. The F2C token is the governance token of the game. Players can earn F2C tokens by staking and farming or rewards from special events organized by the development team. The F2C token can be used in the marketplace to buy equipable items such as weapons and gear, to vote for future developments and features of the game, and in all games in the Ftribe ecosystem. 

The FMC token is the in-game currency of Ftribe Fighters. Players can earn FMC tokens by fighting against other players, being in the high tiers of the leaderboard of the day, week, month, and year, or swapping. These tokens can be used to pay for refilling the stamina to play more matches daily, upgrade in-game NFTs, or increase the chances of a successful upgrading process of a rare item.

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IEO ( Startup)4-5 Jan 2022$0.022 $50,000.00 2,272,727TGE 50%, 50% the second month1,000,000,000Market cap: $734,580$18,000,000.00 
IDO 4-4 Jan 2022$0.022 $50,000.00 2,272,727TGE 15%, cliff 2 months, linear vesting 6 months
Circulating Supply: 33,390,000
IDO (GameFi)21-21 Dec 2022$0.022 $150,000.00 6,818,182TGE 15%, cliff 2 months, linear vesting 6 months

IDO (DAO Maker)20-21 Dec 2022$0.022 $100,000.00 4,545,45415% on TGE, 2 month cliff, 14% the third month and then 14.2% on a monthy basis

IDO (Red Kite)18-18 Dec 2022$0.022 $125,000.00 5,681,818TGE 15%, cliff 2 months, linear vesting 6 months

IDO (Koistarter)10-15 Dec 2022$0.018 $20,000.00 1,111,111TGE 10%, cliff 2 months, vesting every 3 months in 18 months

Private-$0.018 $2,100,000.00 116,666,667TGE 10%, cliff 2 months, vesting every 3 months in 18 months

Seed-$0.01 $800,000.00 80,000,000TGE 5%, cliff 3 months, vesting every 3 months in 24 months


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