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Funny Cats is a blockchain-based NFT adventure game that utilizes the WAX blockchain network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies, CAT, and CATNIP. The whole game deals with the adventures of five adventure-loving cats, and in the game, players create new NFT cards using these cats.


The main characters in the game, Foxy, Felix, Loki, Bagira, and Yoda are five adventurous jungle cats. They have different rarity levels since they are all NFT assets; Yoda is epic, Loki and Bagira are rare, and Foxy and Felix are common cats. In the game, these five different cats are sent to different locations to experience adventures and come back with various rewards for their owners.

City, village, space, and forest are locations where cats can be sent for adventure. For cats to go on adventures in these locations, a certain entrance fee must be paid to some locations. Players have to pay 50.000 CATNIP for the village and 75.000 CATNIP for the city. The village and the city are also the only locations with bonus reward percentages; from village adventures, players can earn additional rewards up to 25%, and from the city, this number goes up to 50%. The jungle and the space do not offer any bonus rewards since they are free-to-play locations.

Token Information

Funny Cats uses two different cryptocurrencies, CAT, and CATNIP, for different purposes. The CAT token is the main token of the game. Players can buy new cats and open new locations by using CAT tokens. Also, CAT tokens can be used in the marketplace as well. CATNIP token, on the other hand, is the in-game token of the game. Players need CATNIP tokens to replenish their cats’ energy and buy new cards. Both tokens can be earned by completing adventures and staking on pools.


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